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Some debates



A. Some about the political Aspects:


Anti-globalization comprise variety of anti-global Movements, each has a particular Background and concept of how should it look like. Some UN Members believe that political globalization is (in some of its gestures) about exercising power over the weak, and preventing some developing Countries from becoming developed industries. For Example; UN Agreements on Security seem to have been issued to serve great Powers Interest, e.g. those who joint Treaties like the one on comprehensive test-ban Treaty, did that after their Armament Programs included nuclear Power. For example; France ratified after they completed their atomic tests Programs (15 Jan 1998). England too has joint after having become an experienced atomic power. Other Members like Israel, India and Pakistan didn't ratify yet. But  Pressure is not put upon the mentioned Countries in same Way it is, when some other Countries like Iran or North Korea do include nuclear Research or Energies in their plans. Things make the related Countries little anxious and even sometimes aggressive in their relation to the UN (Think the last talk of Ahmadi Nejad at the last 61 UN Conference).

On the other hand; many Countries oppose the new fashioned UN intervention Policy, and view it as penetration of national Sovereignty. At this Point there exist international dispute about how to define Sovereignty.


The Opposition to consist of Communist Streams, monarchs, Islamic and other religious Streams and intellectuals alike. Noam Chomsky (whose Books are welcome in the third World),Susan Sontag and many others have been considered as the spiritual fathers of the international social Forum.

3. Colonial Streams in the Islamic and even in the Christian world, who see in holy books better basis than Liberalism

4.Methodological oppositions like Welfare Capitalists and Progressives (left Capitalism). The last demand international Taxes and implementation of some  

environmental Policy. Horst Koehler ( an former IMF Director) urged the Catholics (2002) to catch at Solidarity and fight the Poverty caused by Global Policy.

Generally Speaking; Social Democrats call for:

1. Solidarity 2. keeping biological and cultural Diversity 3. supportive Immigration policy 4. Protective Labor Rights and Equality of the Women.

B. The economic Aspect:

The Opposition to the WTO either coming from democratic Countries ( Illegitimate Representation of the Nations), or coming from non-democratic Countries (might be legitimate representatives of their nations)

Capitalistic Opposition mostly Socialist with Marxist Concept of general Sectors, socializations and nationalizations.

Books of Intellectuals like  Noami Klein (a Canadian Journalist) has become an opposition bible. Some of the Oppositional Streams (like the Greens) condemn the Gats strongly, because it leads to Privatization of the national Properties. The first political Activity of the opposition emerged mostly in Europe, but gained a great Sympathy in Asia and Africa. Websites and Organizations like  visualize Globalization as a Hyena rather a Hydra coming from Over See to swallow the Yellow Race.

Indian intellectuals like Vendana Shiva and Amartea sen ( a noble price Winner) has become internationally famous through their opposition and Popularity given by the world social forum. the last might be less extreme when he calls for technical Progressivism.

Famous names like George Soros, Josef E Stieglitz and David korten  are internationally considered among the best economic theorists of left Capitalism. They oppose the classical and neoclassical Globalization Concepts, and propose Faire Trade, which label them as methodological opposition.

The opposing argument of the liberals assume; that what they call a faire trade is in fact unfair, for the protection costs are usually paid by some who get no benefit of the so called faire trade. In fact, the protection of national companies burden the consumers and plunder their market freedom.

At WWW.IFG.OTG you may buy some strange think tank Books. Terms like Atac are horrible and violent movement. Its Members are present at every international WTO Summit. They hit and destroy every thing around and lead some kind of battles against the security forces calling them Cops or "Bullen" ( a German insulting word for a policeman). In every WTO Summit, hundreds of Victims fall, and Hospitals be on a high alarm.


In the religious Societies, the Women Rights are still a matter of religious Rules.
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In her six Nights Report (God's Warriors), Christine Amanpour (a CNN investigative Journalist) predicts; that the Islamic Fundamentalism has been fueled by economic incentives. She explains:

It looks like Fundamentalism, and it is about religion to an extent, but it is really

about what it is for every body all over the world. Bread and Butter Needs. (Amanpour asks)Why did Hamas win? And why did the Muslim brotherhood Org get a fifth of the parliamentary Votes? (She believes) Because ,for Decades, they provided Schools, Education, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Food� They played pocket Book Politics, and it works.

The Report is fascinating. Her Communication and journalistic Skills are undisputable. But over some of her Conclusions there are some critical Remarks.

The Assumption; that Religion relates to economics, is a matter of Fact. But the Claim; that economic Factors are the main Attraction in the fundamentalists election Campaigns, should be subjected to some empirical and psychological analysis. The Followers of the Islamists are committed Muslims, and are ready to sacrifice. In Her next Trip to Israel and across the United States, Mss Amanpour tells of Christian Zionists, who sacrifice Money to the biblical Israel. So they support because of religious Belief chiefly.

Amanpour tells also of some American Christian Communities (like the one led by "Gary Cristo Faro" in Melborne "Florida").The  Pastor holds service at Saturday (the Jewish Sabat) to support Israel and its Settlements, believing that those who bless Israel should be blessed, and those who curse should be cursed. Sandra Ostabroke (an Orthodox Jew) take church Members on Tours of the Settlements in the occupied Territories, where they donated more than 100 thousand Dollars to support Settlers and fulfill the will of the Lord in creating Israel. Mss Amanpour knows how ever, that the followers of such Zionist Churches stand (in the American Elections) for those who bless Israel, and Curse him, who doesn't support Israel. Hitherto; their Caucasus is not about Butter and Bread at all.

That is to say; services and social spenditure can help increase the popularity of Islamists, but are not the main elective Attraction. Many poor Islamists are ready to sacrifice their Properties and Lives for the Sake of Islamism.

The decisive question is; what is the dynamic Power of Fundamentalism in general? Injustice, Poverty, Finance, dictatorship, tyranny etc. all have been historically factors of religious Developments. There is no doubt; that religion is a symbolic rather idealistic Will to Power (Not necessarily for the Followers. But for the Founders at least.).

The Report itself speaks of the American Failure, to defeat Egyptian Islamists through Billions of Dollars of Aid. Even at this, the Reporter be at logical orientation Troubles, when assuming that the Aid did not help at all. Why?

1. To consider social spenditure as a main Election Issue (in the Case of the Egyptian Islamists Elections Contests), but claim that it doesn't imply considerable meaning in the Case of the leading democratic Party Campaign, is a block up of the conclusion; that the Elections are about Bread and Butter.

Finally; the Claim that the economic Spenditure could be an Issue is True, but not the main fundamentalist Priority for sure.

If you turn the assumption over, you may possibly ( and hopefully) get (correspondently ) closer to the truth. So the claim; that it looks like economic Values, and it is about Economic to an extent. But it is really about what it is for every other Fundamentalists Society all over the World- match rather fit the Egyptian political Elections better.

The Reporter based her conclusion on some Groups of Fundamentalists she met. A case in which many Interviewers would face (pragmatically) great ambiguity, because of the interference possibility on the one hand, and the failing statistical control probe on the other.




Some Reporters try to manipulate the World, monopolizing the Values and reducing even Democracy and Freedom to some undemocratic and illiberal Monopoly.

The foundation for defense of Democracy condemn the Syrian nuclear Activity, and praise theIsraeli Bombardment of the reactor. What is strange about that?

1. What has Democracy to do with the Syrian nuclear Activity? Let us say because the majority of the UN Members (almost 140 Parties) Joint  Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. But the mentioned Treaty has been signed but not yet ratified by Israel. On the other Hand, the operating Israel possess over 200 atomic war heads.

So why the democratic foundation of defense and their sponsor don't talk or condemn the Israeli Activities? Let us Assume, that they believe; Israel is more democratic than Syria? If so, how can Israel be democratic and at same time refuse the UN majority decision? What if Syria becomes a great Democracy, would our democratic Friends allow Syria to build own nuclear facility? Let us suppose, they condemn the Syrian activity, because Syrians are extremists�. ha ha ha �. But Israelis have Extremists also�. If any of those who shake Heads before the Weeping Wall (Jewish holy Warriors) reach the Israeli nuclear control room, he wouldn't hesitate to launch a nuclear Strike. The only Way for containment is to possess a counter Attack Capacity.

I know it is so bad to live in a tensified atomic World, and wish that the region live in Peace and free from atomic Threat�. But this should be the position and endeavor of every State� Otherwise, an international Social Contract will remain at its miserable minimum State.


Arabeyes: Mauritanian President Ousted in Military Coup d'�tat The democratically elected Governemnt of Mauritania has been alarming the arabic Dictators and their foreign sponsors very well. So the militarily led coup d'etat must have been blessed by arabic Kings and authoritarian Regimes, who would love to end every glimmer of Hope for Democracy in the arabic World .
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Russian Opposition to Democracy in the Middle East explains why Russia advocated and supported Socialism in the Past. Where ever liberal Democracy takes Place, Russian Business ends. Russia has simply to little to offer for a free Market� Either the Country needs a protected and restricted Sphere, or a Conflict, through which rusted Russian Weapons may be consumed).

Example: the Syrian American Conflict (2008) helped Russia swallow the whole Syrian Surplus produced by higher Oil Prices (2007/2008).

Russia Today TV main debate has been the American Democratization. On almost every Occasion, the RT repeats same attempts trying to propagate a distinction between diverse democratic Models, where through, the US model becomes described as an exploiting one (an old communistic Melody is currently ruminated).

A new but very passive methodical anti-globalization Stream has been emerging with the Growth of the so called Vladimir Putin Youth.

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Russia Today TV on the US support to Democracy in the ME




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