Ahmad Hussein Annan

Either retardates or laggard Arabs



Questions concerning the Arabic cultural Status emerge go and fro on research Tables, wherefore the Arabic Status (culturally, economically and politically) is still suspicious and disputable. Many believe: Arabs themselves are to be blamed for being positioned on the Bottom. Anti Arabs seem to reduce Arabic retardation (competitively and in comparison to developed Nations) to a biological or racial State. In that way they insert themselves in a racist Reductionism Doctrine. The earliest humane Civilization emerged in this Region. Hence it is logical to assume; that the most original humane Characteristics should have been growing up here also.

Social Scientists watch amazed, rethinking a Society full of talented Individuals and skillful Workers, although the Production remains shy, hesitating or reluctant to step forward! Meanwhile we witness Publicists or Journalists organizing some discussions and forums about the Arabic state, to statistically conclude; that Arabs (due to their lower Production at least) are socially Laggards. Even our Arabic Rulers try to escape the democratic Demand, blaming the Citizens and accusing them of being not ripe enough for Democracy (An attempt to justify the impose of their own authoritarian legacy being inherited from upper Colonialism, to serve as mere parasite expansion of former Colonial Legacy).

2011 الأمم العربية تستيقظ والمظاهرات تدك حصون الزعماء العرب


2011- the Arab nations wake up and revolutions became the recipe

 In an Aljazeera TV Program (called the Opposite trend “March 2009”); the Guests were two Arabs. One of them (an Algerian Officer) is convinced; that Arabs are uncreative People (neither innovative nor productive). The other (A Mauritanian Doctor) believes; Arabs are creative enough, and what makes them unproductive and less innovative are Circumstances surrounding them. Both (Guests and the moderator) based their conclusions on surveys and statistics telling a mere results known for every one. People don’t simply need to be told who they are. Societies don’t seek Descriptions, but solutions and Studies. To do so one needs to know enough about the Genesis of the Problems. ALjazeera failure to well inform, analyze and go behind the scene (like some other experienced TV Channels do) is exactly an important characteristic of today Arabic retardation. In the early enlightenment Stages, an important Father of the European renaissance (Francis Bacon) declared: knowing the Laws of the Nature, enable us to control and prevail. Despite its journalistic Synchronization and presence, Aljazeera remains a mere mechanical Broadcaster, probably because of being shadowed by an authoritarian Monarch. In its Forums (however), people focus on shy statistics and insecure Data Numbers, without analyzing them professionally and microscopically. For Analysis have been a governmental political Monopoly, it explains the demurrage or backwardness of the Media Centers, which seek a forth Road within an enabled Space. In that sense, ALjazeera (like all other industrious Medias) is a Beacon or seamark on a very long and thistly Way. Sometimes JSC focus on something and jump over the other to avoid collapse. To be just; one should not deny its Journalistic role in communicating the World to what has been going on during the Israeli War on Ghazza (Gaza). The War Pictures had the whole say. The daily Scenes made the Propaganda Stocks of Arabic Leaders go down respectively. A newly perceived Danger represented by the relatively nongovernmental Space Channels has been detected, but nothing could be done about. The daily Pictures have been daily Punches and abasement. The Arabic Leaders were watching the Space Channels with Panic. Even some European Sponsors became jealous and highly alarmed to see some of their Arabic Proxies face such a highly Pressure.

From a different point of View, It has been also noted; that Aljazeera exaggerates and overdramatizes American Deeds. Zoom in and focus work there, where Israel and America are in actions, but the Aljazeera Lenses shrank and fog well, when Arabic Leaders do dreadful things violating national and human rights. In fact, Aljazeera exaggerate and inflate suspicions about the American Role to an illusionary extent. Few days ago, JSC anatomized (22.03.2009) suspiciously some American Women Movements and NGO offering Help to North West African Children. The Commentator has analytically explained that some bad ambitions could lurk behind the American NGO Help to Moroccan Children. Many narrow sighted Arabic analysts and Idealists consider secular help incentives a kind of bad ambitions. From utilitarian world View, economic incentives are the nature of Life. Many don’t yet understand; that international Relations are a matter of serving mutual interests also. Arabic Thought Fallacies (black Holes) have been mostly fueled by what we may call transcendental rather arrogant Idealism (when thought stop serving Matter and coup trying to subject Materiality to Ideas, Idealism turns to be the enemy of Realism and Life, providing a wide open space to exploitation and corruption covered through propagated higher Values and hollowed superiority). An old Lie has been the Name of both Jews and Arabs, who call themselves Semites, which means ascenders or ascensional (rethink the ascension of Jesus). Semite is a Derivation of the Arabic Word Sama (means Heaven). So to be a Semite is either to ascend and raise oneself over Matter, or belong to the Heaven (being superior and prior to Earth Life in Semites Thought). So Ideas have enslaved Matter to be more or less exposed to exploitation based on holy Doctrines. It is simply quite natural to spend Money and offer Support, in exchange to some secular Interests becoming more secured and safe. Nothing can be wrong about that?. Aljazeera goes little further to serve as a podium of anti American Democracy (international Democracy respectively). In the year 2006 the Channel financed a Debate attended by world wide anti democratic campaigners. A Kenyan Minister accused Democracy of producing Wars and threatening Security. Some others claimed that Democracy tear even the Family up!

In relation to local Trash, Aljazeera should be excused to impetrate public Understanding (when the channel ignores Kings Role in embarrassing Democratic Movements, for it might not be that easy to bunt big horned Kings and Emirs at home). But Aljazeera doesn’t deserve to be excused when Editors, producers and managers augment a Presence of those who blame the Arabic People for the Misery produced by Royal Families rather ruling Dics and kings. It would be a consolidation to say; they make use of the possible to avoid collapse and get adapted. This seems to be the case by many educated Arabs, as they have to choose between a loaf and an abstract Truth (No other alternative). They have to drive on a dangerous road amid urgent Demands and Principles on the one hand, and an arrogant offers in an evidently lost battle on the other). No matter what Circumstances and how Contexts are, one should get rid of subjective influences (superlative Superiorities), in order to judge fairly and investigate scientifically. In the following I will shed light on an Arabic State that has been a prey of unjust Writings and malicious rather hostile Lenses. Neocolonial Agencies pure Manipulation and distortion in an attempt to legitimate exploitation of the Arabic World, and try (helplessly)to minimize the very ancient and present Arabic presence in historic humane Development. Before the Withdrawal form occupied Territories; Colonial Masters have set up Proxies and leadership Dynasties in all over the Arabic World. (a sort of stuck Straws in the Arabic Body, that would help suck and soak humane Power and Treasures “this we call Neocolonialism”). Psychological Wars and geopolitical Tricks have been massively directed and well conducted to put down the entire Arabic Nation, subject them and aesthetically beautify the faces and Ugliness of their exploiters. Mentioned psychological War Mechanism prognosticate and propagate desperately own Views of so called laggard Arabs. Such scandalous failing attempts and sick inferences will be my following Focus:

Those who describe Arabs as undeveloped and less creative base their Blabs on the following Stereotypes and hatreds:

1. It has been assumed, that Arabic People didn’t play an important Role in many of the modern scientific Discoveries (and that is right). Since early Renaissance our Arabic Citizen has been laboring under colonial Yoke subjected to a reactionary State Form. Our Ground Fathers who still remember the Ottoman Empire and lived under the French Colonial Masters also tell enough of things that would provide Excuse and plausible release from racistically constructed bleach-and failure Hutch. Although, being excused doesn’t change the fact; that they are (or at least were) not well developed, but not to say; they don’t have the Ability to develop or prosper under normal Circumstances. Arabs were already advanced and highly competitive during some other Epochs

2. It has been said; that Arabic People don’t conduct scientific Researches. Rather are not involved in sciences! Inductions and Statistics support mentioned claim telling of a small and less meaningful amount of Arabic Researches. As a researcher I recognize that. But the shy number of researches is not an indicator of inability at all. Example; being not a soccer Player doesn’t mean inability to play or become a Player. Being able to become but don’t do doesn’t change the fact also; that they are (contemporarily at least) not.

3. It has been said; that the Arabic People don’t invent. Investigating this claim we find out; that it is a logical sequence resulting from the first and second (1 and 2).

It is important in this context to make a distinction between Invention and Discovery. Inventions are mostly based on discoveries. Example; the invention of Iron, Television or any other electric Machine didn’t anticipate the Discovery of Electricity. Anyway; Statistics affirm; that Arabic Inventions are young, small and less Meaningful. But this doesn’t imply a conclusion about inability also.

4. The Arabic State has been described as too reluctant to practice Sciences or employ them in optimizing humane and general Resources developments (a pragmatic Truth).

5. It has been claimed; that Illiteracy dominates in the Arabic World today, (almost 70 Millions Illiterates). But one should not oversee the big regional and Countries differences. What about the so many highly educated Arabs, Who don’t seem to be productively much better doing than their illiterate Brothers? And where do reasons and problems actually hide?

What people point out to (in the Arabic World) exist in even some leading developed Nations. There are even enough illiterates in the United States. There are also some well doing Countries who have a very low participation in modern Discoveries like China, South Korea, Japan etc. The Discoveries Revolution has been taking place mainly in the USA, UK and Germany. Whereas many developed (like Canada and Japan) and less developed Nations (like South Korea) did not contribute to the Discoveries Track strongly, but employed discoveries and invented or invested in Development Courses. They have studied and simply practiced modern Sciences.  Mentioned Countries are seen as innovative today, for they escort the development Process (although did not contribute that much to the discoveries Panel). This position should gain some more attention in our Focus. The Data (on which those who misevaluate the Arabic State) base their Conclusions disappear conclusively in the logic of Statements and Predicates. The most Part of the Premises are irrelevant. So manipulating explanations and Judgments have been the Motto of hostile policy used historically by colonial Powers in an attempt to justify illegitimate deeds and gain Sympathy for wild and dirty actions*.

Manipulations bear subconsciously some historic civilizations Struggles and intercultural rams with various intentions and Goals. Par example; for many Years Americans, Germans and Englishmen believed (claimed at least); that Jews are a silly Race. But as Jews appeared represented strongly on the international innovation Stage, the Claim that they are Foolish became replaced through the allegation; that they are Fraudulent. Under Hitler, Tendency to Fraud and dishonesty became considered as dangerous Jewish Characteristics (a Manipulation method used by German Criminals to painfully Justify Genocide and Holocaust). By the sunrise of a new shining topsy-turvy political coup day, the Jews became the new loved Juliet of the western World, and have been supported with Money and Weapons since the occupation of Palestine 1948, to be “westerly” the highest graded and supported nation on the Earth. In respect to the Arabs, the problems and Challenges seem to be much stronger than any other Challenges other Challenged nations might had been facing. In so far Arabic Rulers and ruling Dynasties (Dics and Kings) see in the Campaign against their ruled Nation a kind of dictatorial legitimacy). So Arabic People have to deal with two major Enemies; 1.Greedy and hostile colonial or neocolonial Powers.  2. Rulers who seek Alliances against their own nations and Oppositions. Mentioned Proxies support every characteristic that would blemish their subjected Folks, misshape their look and thereafter justify their dictatorial and exploitive rule.

Focusing on the Reality of what have been claimed to be Arabic Dependency and Primitiveness, we find out that; Illiteracy or phenomenon such as lower amount of Researches and discoveries don’t relate to the general Quality and power to create or innovate, and are available even in some well developed or less developed Countries. On such a cross lines Point, one should better identify the Meaning of Development to reach a more specific Demarcation of undeveloped. In order to do so one should recognize the fact, that; Development (in our contextual sense at least) is a deed and not merely Theory or Imaginary state. It is a practice and not only Knowledge. Naturally, we estimate those who don’t practice knowledge as undeveloped no matter how informed and schooled they are. Example; Countries in which Communication Systems are bad and infrastructures are weak be automatically described as undeveloped (Internationally classified as developing Nations), no matter how crowded Schools and Universities are. That is not to reduce the importance of education and educated People in estimating the Development Standard, but to say that the quality of knowledge and the number of educated people are not enough to demarcate Development. On the other Hand; Countries where Infrastructures are developed, and communication Systems are excellent, but low Knowledge and scientific Dependency on the others are already detected (like some Gulf Countries who import almost every thing) can not be viewed as already developed States. Hence Development requires a satisfactory self-help Ability on the one Hand, and scientific rather technological Practices on the other. If we will rely on Developed infrastructures alone and mere standardized communication Systems in estimating Development, we will have (based on that Fallacy) to consider good looking Zoological Gardens as developed Nations. Such Absurdity we don’t use as a Criteria of indicating or demarcating development of course. That is to say; a distinction between what is self-developed (Per se) and what is developed by some others should be necessarily considered.

Given this primary Analysis we have a reason to say; that structural (let us say “Gestaltic”) decadent existence (uninfluenced through some natural catastrophic Disasters supposed to be excluded in this Context) is a fitting Undevelopment Criteria, but the Opposite is not reliable. Means: Developed structures can not be an indicator or Criteria of local humane Development. Even Medieval and earlier Arabic Philosophers (like Avicenna) distinguished (in some different Context) between Self-being (per se Being) and Being per others.

So Plausible Development Indicators are:

1.      Enough Knowledge

2.      Satisfactory Self-help Ability

3.      Scientific Practices echoed by developed technological or civilized State.

In order to avoid inserting Notions without logical following, I don’t consider the mere satisfactorily developed state as an Innovation indicator in general, for the Power to practice, imitate or look like is not the power to discover. It is true that the Power to understand a Theory or a scientific Fact indicates an open possibility to discover it, but the anticipation and Speed Difference in transforming from Hypothesis to Theory and vice versa make Innovation very relative. Example: implementing modern Information technology in the year 2020 is not creative from the View of the year 1990 (Time Relativity), and to discover the atomic split reaction in 2009 is not innovative in the View of 1945 (Vice versa also).

As developing military Power in an isolated Land, where Tools and Allies are not available, sounds to be creative (Space Relativity), developing same Power in a land where Tools (resources and Allies) are very available, doesn’t exceed simple expectations. Those pushy arguments require a complementary fourth Characteristic, which doesn’t seem to be less important for a precise demarcation of the meaning of Development;

4.      Time-Space Relativity being related to the relative Status of the others also.

This last push forward further toward a more specific determination of what Undevelopment is.

Based on Time-Space relativity of Development; the meaning of retardation becomes a matter of reflection through the opposite (Development). So the Retarded is he who drops faltering behind the Track, while reactionaries sail or tend to sail backward.

Based on those investigated characteristics of Development, the Identity of undeveloped Stipulate an abstract per se initiation, which would (in our context) exclude dropped per others, assuming that by the removal of influences and embarrassments, Development of those dropped will necessarily happen. I used the expression retard, retardation or retardates to describe a state of social Misery, for it and the verb lag together reflect the meaning of undeveloped (being the opposite of development). The English verb “develop” can be both transitive and intransitive, while the Verb Lag (an Opposite) is intransitive only. In some other languages it is some how more distinctive. “Sich entwickeln” is the German word for the i.v Use of develop, and its opposite ” zurueckbleiben or zurueckgeblieben” is i.v Use also. Languages reflects rather bear cultural Developments. In some countries and cultures the social philosophy goes far right considering undeveloped classes as an absolute per se State, while in some others the Philosophy consider the undeveloped as a social Phenomenon. Streaming or waving between passive, intransitive and transitive considerations of the verbal use, the opposite of the Verb develop is dominatingly used in many cultures as intransitive. In fact, failing Societies can be both; retarded and lagged (dropped per se and per others). When trying to explain the Arabic Case using a corresponding use of the meaning in English, we should contextually use the verb retarded (Retardates) to exclude primarily a case of Laggardness about we don’t need to have any dispute. As we all know; the nature of Life is a tendency toward more Evolution and greater development. So we exclude the possibility of having natural per se dropped in a Land of earliest humane Civilizations and cultural anticipation. Assuming that such a case must be per others state, doesn’t mean that those others are necessarily some other Civilizations. Others could be natural Disasters or Diseases as well as hostile Nations also. But the first focus shows that Syrian and Mesopotamian Development Tracks have not been hit embarrassingly by natural Disasters. The Nation was leading in the early Times, but soon became alternately Victim of doggy international colonial Struggle. So those who were retarded by Colonialism or through the Impose of certain colonial, exploitive Ideas and Values don’t fit our contextual Analysis of Undeveloped (in terms of Laggardness).

In that sense; the Word undeveloped opposes the first three characteristics of Development, but in some aspects corresponds to the fourth (Time-space relativity being related also to relative status of the others). As when in some past Days a certain phenomenon (some times somewhere) was considered as a matter of Progress and Development, it became later or comparatively considered as an undeveloped State. 1,2,3 and 4 are complementary, and can not be treated separately from each other in estimating the Meaning of Development in a general or broader sense.

When we use them in judging the Arabic Case we find out; that the lack for 1,2&3 means an uncreative and undeveloped State. While having 1,2,3 and in some respects and aspects 4 doesn’t indicate a state of innovation necessarily. Because (in addition to the distinguished ability to explore and discover), innovation requires a Forestall in time relatively to space and the status of the others. Hence Innovation is a very advanced State of Development. So having enough knowledge, a satisfactory self-help Ability and better Practices in comparison to some primitive African Countries is not a state of Development in a broader or general Sense (not in according to a general Understanding of 4 at least).

Innovation (as a special form of development) should synchronize with highest possible and advanced development in time and space. Hitherto; International Classification didn’t shoot far away when totally classified Countries as; developed, less developed and developing. Having been emerged or floated after long time of being a mere submission subjected to Colonialism, let the Arabic Nations be exempted rather freed from the duty to highly develop or innovate (which requires much better Circumstances than mere following the Track). To treat primarily the general development Aspect, and see whether the Arabic Nations bear the primary development Characteristics being the introduction to the focus on Innovation and creativity being a development in a broader sense, one can simply not expect a sportive innovation from those who physically or technically didn’t satisfactorily develop well, or don’t know how to play yet.

In investigating the Development State of the Arabs, one should necessarily lean on the briefly mentioned Introduction concerning the main Characteristics of Development being a fundament for a possible faire discussion on the Development Dimensions:

1. Concerning the first Dimension (enough Knowledge)

Arabic Regions differ scientifically and culturally. Differences in Education, tradition and Habits are seen every where in Arabia. Due to some historic turns, each Village speaks own dialect today. Arabic Countries began with education after they became freed from classical colonialism, that has been destroying knowledge and Cultures, and allowing only a limited spread of schools to propagate own colonial Visions. Different colonial Influences, Hostility, Times and Environments increased regional Differences. The Ottoman Empire forbad Arabic Schools and imposed what has been known as Turkism. Before the Ottoman Empire seized the region, there were 1000 Physicians in Baghdad, Thousands of Poets, alchemists, Mathematicians and Philosophers in Syria and Iraq. By the Withdrawal of the Turks there were only few bad Physicians surrounded mainly by Illiterates. The English colonial expansion made the situation worse, while the French brought the press and founded some schools to propagate Franco phony. After Independence, some Arabic Countries grew faster providing Schools and improving education Systems, while others still suffer of Poverty and mal Schooling Systems. In general; Arabic Countries became formally independent, but remain factually controlled by classical colonial Powers (Neocolonialism). Ruling Families and Movements arose by the end of Colonial Days bearing claimed national Identities. Countries like Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, partly Jordan and to a certain extent Egypt scored relatively higher humane Growth and better Education since the independence, while others remain burdened by the remains of colonial influences and effects. The Number of educated People in Syria rose dramatically throughout the following decades. Schools and Universities are so crowded, and the flow of Syrian Teachers and Engineers is widely felt in Gulf and other Arabic Countries. Even in Europe, many Syrian Engineers and Physicians prove competence and satisfactory professional Skills. The Syrian Country side has been growing revolutionarily, benefiting from gratis Schools and Colleges. The Floating number of Students and scholars produced tough competition since the Beginning of the Nineties, although many Students join the newly founded private Schools and Universities that became a good business in Syria today. I made quite few Surveys comprising small Villages that have been a modest but general Exemplar of the Country Side in Syria. A village where almost 1700 Inhabitants live today, had under colonial Rule only illiterates (except few who learnt to read Koran) some 60 Years ago, and solely one academician 40 Years ago. In that Village I drove my Motorcycle from House to house counting the number of educated people myself, to finally get the following results:


The Number of Scholars, Students and Graduates in different Fields


Studying or have already become a University Doctor

Attending or have already graduated from     University or College

Attending or have already finished secondary School

Attending or have already finished medium School

Attending or have already finished primary school

Number of Illiterates  


























                                                                          The Specimen is a small Village "Ash shaikmustafa" (known as Cafar Com in the Past)


So the number of educated is higher than it is being the case in some developed Countries. 157 University Students and Graduates make almost 9.2% of the Inhabitants. The proportion of male exceeds the 16.4%. In secondary and mediatory Schools the percentage of women increases reaching 13.2%, and the general female education Participation reaches 39.8%.

Men Participation in the different Schooling Grades reaches 77.4%. The average of female higher education advance is expected to be doubled each 10 Years.

Performance Level is very high. Many Scholars pass their final Exams scoring 100%, while hundreds of thousands finish Secondary Schools Country wide yearly. This statistic stuff is a good induction Candidate for Generalization, because the Villages I investigated are empirically a typical and general example of social Life in the Country Side. Women are doing much better in big Cities and Towns of course. They have mostly to choose between education and unemployment. Men in big Cities are not doing better than those living in the Country Side. Majority of them do their usual traditionally inherited Jobs. Hence less male to more female in Cities and Towns plus more men and less women in the Country Side could lead us to a very highly expected academic average of both M/F.




              F           m


    Cities                                       Country Side



A special TV Program for honoring distinguished Scholars and Students has been always crowded with talented Guests and preeminent Students. At this Point we shouldn’t pass the second Characteristic without bethinking the Idea of the Ba’ath Founders who believed; that Arabic People are not ripe enough to live real democratic life, and have to change or coup culturally before a full and open Democracy come to the table. That was in the year 1947, whereas almost the entire population was illiterate except few who had the tools to study abroad.

Questions: what would those Founders propose if they were living today? Would they allow Democracy to be the Form of political Life? That remains an open question.

I don’t advocate that Coup Idea at all. The real Coup could be a democratic System protected and defended by strong Police state and Military, boosted by Law and internationally supported Human rights Declarations and adopted in Schooling Systems. But suppose the Founders were right, would they change their Ideas after that big cultural Change, or would step further to demand an achievement of higher shelved Propaganda Society, that would keep them empowered again?

Is that high number of distinguished Students and Scientists not a sufficient Basis for Development? Idealistic Judgment “Je pense = J’existe” would fit the Arabic Claim more than the Doctrines of empiricism (to be is to do). Dealing with philosophically we find ourselves on a frontline of a very sensitive Discussion, by which Arabs “rationally” could score better, but empirically would dissolve in Statistics and disappear on the Ground. So let us remain by our primary Analysis (based on a general Impression) of what is development and what is not (our intersubjective political or economic concept of Development consists of both “Ideas and Practices”)

2. The second Characteristic (a satisfactory Growth of self-help Ability). This (in addition to other resources) is strongly present in Syria and entire Region. It relates doubtlessly to the first Characteristic (adequate or enough Knowledge). When the first and the second Characteristics become available, we expect the third Characteristics to be an economic and political Environment:

3. Contributive Practices and implementation of Knowledge in deeds and actions (an equivalent Civilization). On this stage the Track in Syria and its Neighboring Arabic States is generally lost, and thereafter Researches and Investigations head taking abstruse and dim ways, similar to dark Holes in the Universe, about which you may only pose some unexperimentable Hypothesis. All in all; Practices in Syria and the entire Region don’t upgrade to the general Scientific Adequacy and Capacity level of own disposable humane and natural Resources. Education and Pedagogic Scientists trouble themselves sometimes trying to put Fingers on the pain in this oriental Swirl. They lead a methodic refresh or modernization Campaigns hoping that education could solve the problem. The fact is; Methods are much better today than those were used in some developed Countries Schools and Colleges around the sixties and seventies, but Practices are not better than Practices at that Time in mentioned Countries. Developed Countries had so many Illiterates in the forties and fifties, although the Developed Countries industrial Standard of the fifties remains far away from being reachable by solely Modern School Methods in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the Region. So the problem is not a mere lack for Crowds of Students and Scientists with high Skills in teaching and learning. A real guide we find in the fourth Characteristic (Time-space Relativity being also relative to the status and relation to the others). Finally we don’t seem to be dealing with a State of an Arabic Laggardness (v,i), but with retarded rather undeveloped per others Nation. On the other hand; it seems to be hard to cure the Arabic Body amid that big political and strategic ambiguity conducted by Governments with no local popularity at all, which make them likely to be a related Body of the others in general. Some of the better doing Arabic Countries seem to have achieved the first and second Characteristics, but remain ambiguously reluctant to walk a third step.

Research Centers are either governmental or private sectors. They have been mostly controlled by the Governments until the collapse of the Soviet Union. Governmentally supported Researches didn’t help the local development that much. In fact; technological progress needs Alliances and cooperative Efforts, and that kind of collaboration has never taken place in the Arabic World. On the other hand; Industrial Countries work hard to help prevent the good and huge Consuming Arabic World from developing own Industry. Neither the backing Soviet Union nor the western World offered anything to their Arabic Allies except taking Money and Raw Material away from them, in exchange for mere holy ruling Dictators becoming well backed and highly protected. To get rid of Monopoly, the Arabic World has been in great need to privatization and open markets, because joint corporations (motivated by competition and survival Law) are much more capable of boosting the industrial movement, general developmental process and the most needed Arabic nations Jointure, which would help escape international Monopoly and pressure having been burdening the weak Arabic Rulers. We advocate free Market Systems and neo liberal Globalization, not only because it is a humane rights Issue, but also proved that it helps developing Countries grow up much faster and enjoy much better development Chances. We see how the EU Open up for Europeans chiefly, but clap Doors when Non Europeans (of a less security Concern) apply. (For more Info Concerning this Issue read my Book Dialectics of the Globalization). Many EU States prefer Dics and Kings involved in some eternal Conflicts, making it easier for them to exploit the Region, but formally and diplomatically bark pretending to support liberal Globalization when Liberals debate such Issues. Liberalism nearly dominates the EU internal Relations. But in foreign affaires a kind of exceeding Individualism has been influential. Exceeding or violating Individualism can’t take place in Europe internal Affaires (this was the Case long ago), but officially and nationally Uniformed in foreign relation (a phenomenon that we don’t find in the United States, Canada and else where. for more Info read my Book “Dialectics of the Thought). Up to date; the EU expands on nationalist Basis, and doesn’t accept Non Europeans Membership in the Market. The half European Turkey has been experiencing big membership Obstacles, and after a very along struggle, it became a Custom Union Member only. The Parliamentarian Veto right allows any EU Member to block up Membership for new applicants. On the one Hand Nationalism is still strong in many EU Countries; on the other differences in Relation to the Surroundings produce Members foreign relation priorities differences also. Example; Austria has been the strongest opposition to Turkish Membership, but the strongest advocate of European economic Partnership with Syria (a Country that doesn’t seem to be welcome by other EU Members). Nationally uniformed Individualism in inhomogeneous foreign Relations has been neo colonially supportive to Arabic Dictators and thereafter retarding Arabic Renaissance, with a dispersive effect upon Arabic internal relations also.

Not to go far way from our Topics; it is simply easier to unite Private Companies than bring Arabic Governments to a joint strategic Table. Privatization reduces Governmental Authority offering space for civic Society to act, and thereafter influences (if not control) the political Process being a preface of a possible Arabic Union based on less Tyranny and Authoritarianism, but more Rights and Democracy. Because of the Seesawing political Situation in the Arabic World, the lack for Management Skills in respect to Privatization, and the Complexity of the Transformation from an underground Economy and planned Markets to a free and faire Market (being contemporarily burdened by political Shrank), added to some other Considerations (we can’t mention in this small Study), a developmental Revolution moved by private fiscal flow remains a fata morgana. Although the small and limited Private Sectors that have been emerging since the collapse of the Russian Communism made the light Industry look better than it was under the past dictatorial protectionism. Past protectionism kicked the Production Sector out of Competition Fields to become an industrious Corrupt, and made small investors become protected Fake and Fraud Champions. Protected small national Companies became Feudal Masters and an important retardation Element. Security Forces and Market Observation committees received regular monthly Bribes from mentioned small Monsters, whose Protectionism had been how ever a parasite in a visualized national Paradise Pride of weakness and Misery, defeatist Resistants and topsy-turvy alliances in fighting Feudalism and Imperialism.

Free Market Ambitions suffer generally politically also. In addition to the lack for relevant capital Legislation and Reforms, which would allow fiscal Freedom and a supportive Governmental Role, the economic Development is in a great Need to a political Development that would offer a Guarantee to the Future of private Sectors. Until now we don’t have in the heartbreaking Arabic Parliaments a real free Capitalistic Representation. Economic Freedom needs a Political Freedom too. Under Contemporary Circumstances, the development of private Sectors is a risky Adventure, and is exposed to an abusive Procedures and nationalization. Unless Conflicts and Dictatorship end, Arabic economic Development doesn’t seem to be able to stand on Strong Feet and take off freely even in the long Run.

In other Words; the private Arabic Sector (stripped from a self-determination right) can’t work and seriously invest in adopting experienced People to be employed relevantly in the future of the Countries, while Governmental Sector is still a mere Board employed to be employed (More fed, less produced).

Availability of knowledge and humane self-help Capacity (Characteristics 1,2) added to a relevant economic and political Environment is an absolute cultural acquittal. It is a good reason to discharge the cultural Ground (humane Quality), and blame politics being the Source of whole Evil and entire Retardation Tragedy. The Third Characteristic is a political Nature by all Measures and means (especially in the Arabic World, where only weak, dependent and self-declared Kings peacefully rule. A Nation ruled by Legacy- with no decision making rights can not be politically responsible). Researching and exploring the State of the Universities in our Country, we find out; that Researches have been financed and made, but governmental Benefit of Researches has not been detected yet. That is in respect to the local Policy. International Politics and international Community (for their part) has been supporting some harmless Fields like Medicine and Education, but industrial Help (especially Chemical, and Physics Fields, which are the core of modern development) have been almost banned. Many Arabic Governments don’t dare to go far in supporting chemical or Physics Practices, and many are denied Access to the import of some certain Elements deemed to be helpful for the local Industry.

In Syria for Example, the Governmental Access to Technological Imports is highly controlled and censored. Governments don’t dare to license private Investors in some sensitive Sectors, and the local Leadership has not been doing well in Fields, where things are internationally encouraged also. For example; the Ba’ath weekly News Papers has published several Times (2000/2001); that economic and political Researches made by Syrian Universities and governmental Institutions demanding economic and political Reforms remained (under former PM Alzo’uby) neglected and left on sandy Shelves for over 15 Years. So the Syrian economic Reforms that had been urging in the Nineties and since the End of the Eighties of the twenties Centuries happened in the 21 Century. Such a late and faltering hesitation (having been run independently “out of time and space”) makes an evolutionary Anticipation or innovation impossible. So instead of growing up, the Leaderships and Countries have been busy resisting the total Collapse. However, the Syrian Leadership can explain well, why are we not at right Time in the right Place, but never implement an effective bail-out Plan.

The Regions Governments claim; that Israel is the Source of every Evil (which makes the Jewish State and the disgusting Israeli Arabs Conflict an important Retardation Factor in fact. I don’t believe that European Countries have invented the Conflict to end it soon).The Danger alarm grows loudly heard in the world when a hearsay about some Research Centers some where in the Arabic World spreads. EU Commission Chairs would shake of Anger and Panic when hearing or smelling such News. The Security Council declares an Emergency State when hears that some Arabic Companies have imported or produced some dangerous Anti- Sects Sprays. To be just we must admit; that no body knows exactly what goes on between the controlled Arabic Rulers and the horned Rams behind closed Doors. All in all; the developed Arabic Citizen appears to be the Victim of local and international Politics. Arabic People are the blamed Victims of a greedy international and local Struggle. Handcuffed Victims that have been carpeted and charged for being a prey are our poor Arabs. Chained and thrown clamped, but described as uncreative and less Innovative People- is a declared dirty Psychological War aiming to legitimate exploitation, Rubbery and Crimes having been committed against the Arabic Nation.

To be just also; Islam (as a religion) might have been playing an important Role in embarrassing Development. But Islam is not the Governor today. On the other Hand; Islam could be relatively embarrassing in some Fields, where Religion banned things, but seems not to embarrass industrial Development in the Islamic Iran, where Industry and Technology is doing much better than the claimed modern Arabic Kingdoms and Dictatorships. Although; were Iran not embargoed or isolated, and were Systems there liberal and democratic, the republic of Iran could have been much better looking. A good reason to believe; that Democratization and Liberalization of the Peripheral third world in general and of the Arabic World in particular, is the greatest Enemy of Hostile Colonial Nations. That is why so many Powers opposed the American Democratization initiation in the Arabic World and in Iraq also. To make our World a safer and more developed place, the UN should reform allowing Democratization Mechanism to be more effective, and make Freedom of the poor and peripheral Nations its ultimate Goal.

If the UN Job was to create more peaceful and prospered Relations, Nations and World, the ORG should fully support Democratization and Liberalization World Wide, and try to marginalize and change exploited and exploiting authoritarian Systems.

The State of our Nations is very similar to the German and Italian Situation in emperor Times, when France and other Empires had been subjecting and ruling the fate of smaller nations, dispersing and tearing them into small dukedoms. But the End was not that happy as we all know. The more international Hyenas surround oppress and support Kings and Dics to subject those Nations, the more dangerous Future they invent in fact. George W Bush Administration was right, when supported Democratization and Liberalization in the Arabic World as much as possible. They freed political Prisoners, liberalized Markets and Systems. They defended and created some rights even in the best and closest Ally “Saudia Arabia “. Kings and Dics have simply to join when international Community insists. Even China and Russia can not do anything about their lost Business, when the western World Act on behalf of human Rights, Democracy and Freedom. Small Jihad Militias can not prevent such a process also.

Written by Ahmad Hussein Annan

 All rights reserved

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