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The New Year has begun with good News striking across the Arabic World. The first Shining took place in the western Arabic World, where the Tunisians led a sweeping revolution to overthrow the big Dictator (Dic let us say ) ben Ali  within few Days. The Echoes became soon Deeds in Egypt and Actions in Yemen.

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Russia Alyaum TV (The Arabic speaking Russia today) discussed the Events (27.01.2011) with Specialists in Strategic Affaires like Mr. Vladimir (Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies) who believed; that the Events are an  Outcome of G.W.Bush Politics. The Guests view in Obama a very Opposing Model to G.W.Bush. Obama (they said) is trying to achieve and protect the stability in the states, while Bush implemented a democratization Method, in order to produce Disorder and Panic, and thereafter reach some political Goals. For Jamal (an Arabic intellectual) both Bush and Obama build together a very typical US-political Mosaic. Anyway: The American Position has been very supportive to the Freedom of the People in Tunisia and else where. Without the positive US-intervention, there would be no victorious Tunisians on the Streets. Today Mr. Obama urged the Egyptian president to respond to the will of the People, and speaker of the House (Robert Gibbs) as well as secretary of State Hillary Clinton affirmed the American supportive attitude.

Other Evil Powers in Europe and Asia show support to their Proxies, and are unhappy about the Change.

American Facebook and Twitter have helped the Oppositions to grow up. Per Facebook, the Egyptian opposition called for the so called Anger Friday.



The Nobel Intentions Prize


Anti globalization Activists take to the streets in l'aquila to protest against the G8 Summit . Over 15 thousand Police men were deployed to prevent them from Reaching the Summit Building. The scene has become very disgusting, and many Journalists and politicians demand an End to that arbitrary Tradition. Activists demonstrate and protest no matter what the discussions are about, even when the G8 act on behalf of environment and other Issues being a quite left concern, they remain under fire







The ICC came to finally to conclude ; that the Sudanese president is directly or indirectly involved in Crimes against Humanity (A perpetrator in according to an ICC Spokesman).Albashir respond has been an insulting dance. Sudan and its Allies are not being Parties of the.

Sudan has not been a party of many related conventions. Example:

 1. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

New York, 9 December 19481

Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Rome, 17 July 1998

The mentioned Convention has been signed by Sudan Friends (Egypt, Iran, Syria etc), but have not ratified yet.

The United States has not become a party yet, but leave up to the traditional Tribunal System , which wouldn't tolerate Albashir also.

It is true that the ICC didn't punish Israel yet,because of commited Crimes against Humanity, but that is no reason for an Amnesty.





In September and October (2008) , abig economic Crisis emerged resulting from the imbalance in the US Stocks and financial market. Fluctuation has been marking the Year 2008. The Oil Price has been up and down, and the US Dollar became instable currency because of the War and the out of Control growing Market.

Anti-Capitalism and Oppositions to Globalization celebrate their propagandas against America and the western Market. Islamists propose their Islamic financial System, while Communists believe that Capitalism will ( in according to Lenin) invent a new War to exploit new resources and escape the interior economic Dilemma.

The western Economies have called for reforms and announced few Meetings between great Industries to find a solution to, and mute the yelling Voices.



29 Septemebr 2008

The far right Austrian liberals (The Freedom Party and the Alliance for the Future of Austria) have floated dramatically in the latest general Elections. They gained 29% in the primary Elections on Monday. The spiritual Father of both Parties Joerg Haider had been attending economic Training Courses in the United States. So "der Junge" or the Guy seems to be pro American (economically at least). The Name "Freedom Party" sounds good, but it is doubtful whether the Name reflects the real Party Programs. Whenever Liberalism flows into Austria (the Country that had been known in the past as the hardest Barrier on the Way to Liberalization), produce a very different Smell. Anyway; the Liberals and Conservatives would celebrate the latest Development. The Austrian liberal Literature is rich, and the Austrian School of economics had been welcome in the United States, but never has been well honored at Home.

September 2008

The Dictator Mugabe (president of Zimbabwe) bows to the international Pressure to sign a share of Power agreement (with the democratic Opposition) claiming that Democracy in Africa is a proposition, demanding more than it deserves


05.09.2008               The Latest Syrian-French Convergence

We (Syrian experts and Intellectuals) watch amazed the latest French Syrian Convergence. In a fortnight, the cold gestures became warm. No Word to say about that, for we all know how historically deep rooted the French interest about Al-sham Land is. But it remains doubtful, whether the (2005, 2006 & 2007) Pressure and Isolation made Bash-shar al-assad pay a minimum amount of Understanding for the French Ambitions. The quartet appears to be joking when talk about the Middle Eastern House Order without the United States. The Syrian President was competent when he pointed out to the fact; that the Syrian Israeli Peace talks should be run under a US Patronage Also. The last Amelioration in the Syrian Russian Relations would imply a hidden Russian Presence in the Negotiations also. So the Quartet contains (in according to a Pythagorean Arithmetic) the number Eight, and in the eight lurks the sixteenth ...nn . numerous Countries with numerous Interests.

Question: Have the colonizing Powers (including France) created Israel, in order to make our Middle East live in Peace? No normally minded Person would say yes!!!!

Suppose the Ideology has changed after 1946, 1943, 1916, 1968 etc. But has the Interest really changed? Let us assume next, that the economic Method and political Style has changed. Which is to say; that the Dispute remains on Track.

In our Dialog, we suffer in fact of local Crisis (represented by Islamic Fundamentalism and political Authoritarianism) and international dilemma represented by Neo-colonial Forces, some wear Jesus Dress, or democratic cap. Some others try to justify their Needs through Science and Technology. Even Nazis reductionism is strongly present in the Dispute panel.

In the Following I would like you to read this Stuff (which is a News letter I received form a Forum I use to visit (goggle-eyed) from time to Time).

Cliff Wrote to me:

Dear Friend of FDD,

Americans are angry. Gas prices are hovering at $4/gallon. Our hard-earned money is fueling the largest transfer of wealth ever to Middle Eastern countries whose policies are hostile to America. Revenue from the gas pump supports terrorism coming from overseas.

FDD is a founding member of Set America Free, an energy security coalition created to break the oil monopoly and provide fuel choice in the transportation sector. The good news is we know we can win. We know it will be tough, but we must succeed.

This email was sent to by

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Foundation for Defense of Democracies | 1726 M Street, NW | Suite 700 | Washington | DC | 20036

The Fact is; the world will keep depending on the Middle East throughout the coming 40 Years, This makes the Middle East a fueled international Conflict (as long as there remain political Illusions of trying to create of Kings  peaceful Puppets, or colonially ambitioned Forces, who believe that Colonialism and political subjection can solve the Problem). A liberal democratic UN could be helpful of course. To achieve such a UN, the Org must Change, which would lead to bloody international Revolutions (considering the red Presence of China in the Security Council, and the hopeless Russian Economics, that challenge the Stability in Europe and the World from Time to Time).

Mr. Sarkozy�s Visit to the United States and his Stance on Peace in the Middle East sounds promising. But while the western Countries Borders open up for Unity, the French Authority Insists that Arabic Borders keep defensive against Openness. they want the Lebanese Syrian Border to resist every Conflation. At his Visit to Damascus Mr. Sarkozy expressed Satisfaction over the fulfilled last Syria - Lebanon Summit, that has run in according to the commanded diplomatic Representation (which has never been a national Syrian or Lebanese Demand). People of both Countries (how ever) Wish to move freely across the Border, instead of standing before Embassies.

Given the dominating Circumstances, I would say; that Supporting Freedom and Democracy in the World, is the only Peaceful Scope. The Free economic World View, to reduce Barriers and create a Free marketing Sphere, is the right, just and most Peaceful Response to the Challenges (although it requires the build up of Alliances and confronting some embarrassing Obstacles). The mentioned Concept is naturally condemned by Kings, Dictators, Fascism, Racism � Authoritarianisms in General. To win this Battle, and upgrade the UN System, the liberal democratic Forces need to develop a Long Term Strategy. It is a Power Play. The Power Play Consists of Democracy and Freedom, and that is the most convincing and lasting Plan for our modern World. It has been useful in confronting the Eastern European Communism, and the great Motto of combating Terrorism. It is also trustful in avoiding the Expansion of the Chinese and other religious or authoritarian Regimes. As we know, there had been historically a Struggle in the early revolutionary France, between liberals and royals. Today we can view a similar Struggle in the French foreign relations. Some French want to see a stable Middle East for sure, but some others want to francophonized Syria and Lebanon, basing their minds on the historic French � British Plan for the Middle East- a reactionary Stream, of trying to kick the presence to the Past.


Some hopeful ANALYSIS:

            Middle East Times Tuesday, September 2, 2008


AMMAN, Jordan -- Syrian President Bashar Assad is drawing his country back into the Western-led international fold, thanks to the French leadership, raising mixed expectations on how the Syrian rapprochement with the West will affect its "rejectionist" role and alliances with Iran and anti-Israeli movements.

Syria's isolation and pariah status � at least as perceived by the Europeans and the United States � was put on hold with the invitation of President Bashar Assad to mingle with some 40 leaders of the Mediterranean basin attending the first gathering of the Union of the Mediterranean and the traditional Bastille Day festivities in Paris

 The invitation extended to Syrian President Bashar Assad to attend the Bastille Day � July 14 � national day celebrations by French President Nicolas Sarkozy is not without controversy. Indeed, not everyone is pleased that the Syrian president will be given a place of honor on the VIP reviewing stand on the famous Champs Elysees, alongside other dignitaries, to watch the traditional military parade

To be optimistic let us say; that the new development will hopefully be based on a modern understanding of the middle East, assuming that Sarkozy republic is hopefully neither trying to restore the historic rivalry Game, nor aiming to create a new Era of Struggle, but boosting the democratic wheels in Syria and trying to help push toward real Solution to the Problems, which is the real revolutionary Message of Liberalism, to which Mr. Sarkozy and his campaigners claim to belong to.

So �Cosi� Mr. Sarkozy runs in the right direction, wherever to stop the Chinese economic Influence and political expansion danger, you need to get the Middle East inserted in the western hemisphere. To do that you need to solve the Israeli Arab Conflict. This would help deprive Russia from thinking to go back to past Weapons Business and alliances again. But to reach a permanent Settlement, we need also a setup of democratic Systems in the Middle East. That is why the call for Peace goes hand in Hand with the call for democratization and reforms. The assumption that rivalry or competition between the United States and Europe is taking place here doesn�t need to be paid that much attention, in so far the free competition is a right, if not run against the principles of legal competition rules. Let us be optimistic again to say; that Mr.Sarkozy republic is finally getting rid of such traditional Visions.




Arabeyes: Mauritanian President Ousted in Military Coup d'�tat The democratically elected Governemnt of Mauritania has been alarming the arabic Dictators and their foreign sponsors very well. So the militarily led coup d'etat must have been blessed by arabic Kings and authoritarian Regimes, who would love to end every glimmer of Hope for Democracy in the arabic World .
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24 July 2008


Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir waves to supporters in Fasher, Darfur, 23 July 2008


The Karadzic news has been very shocking for Mr. Hassan Albashir, who hurried up in an attempt to repair the damage  and the Genocides he committed against his own People in Darfur.

 Firing some fascistic Unity Bananas Statements, he accused the western world of having the will and desire to disperse the homogenous African Country.



24 july 2008


A woman shows a picture of ex-Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic during a protest rally, in Belgrade, Serbia, 23 Jul 2008


The international criminal court (ICC) is waiting for the delivery of Europe most wanted Criminal (Radovan Karadzic).Europe most wanted Criminal (RK) has been under police Custody since his arrest few days ago.





24 july 2008


President Bush speaks about USAID Freedom Agenda, in Washington, 24 Jul 2008<br>


The good Movie Stars keep playing with same gesture, and bear an identical (if not homogenous) Message. While good politicians are also those who adhere to what they were elected for. On political Levels, the public expect from their political hero to keep following the Line, and that is exactly what Mr. G. W. Bush has been doing since the first inauguration. From the very beginning, the man declared support for freedom and democracy in the World (the legacy of the Founders), and right now before he leaves office he urges his successors to care about Freedom in the world.

Citation: "The challenge for America is the years ahead is to continue to help people in struggling nations achieve freedom from corruption, freedom from disease, freedom from poverty, freedom from hunger and freedom from tyranny," he said.



The Syrian daily news paper tishreen expressed happiness over what is called the historic Visit of the Syrian president to France.
Mr.Saiid Hilal alsharifi wrote: "faut embarquer vite quand tu as le vent en poupe" � is that what France has been waiting for, after one and half Year of the Sarkozian rule? to take down the shiraqian coat, and get rid of the dependency on America in the decision making?.Mr. alsharifi view the new Turn as the Outcome the last Arabic Summit in Damascus. End.


French President Nicolas Sarkozy (C) welcomes his counterparts Basha Assad (L), Michel Suleiman (R) and Qatari Emir Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani ( second R) to the Elysee Palace
It is not new that the French try to dissolve the Anglo-Saxonic Plans in the region. They have a very long History of Struggle , but at the End they have been always the loser. The first Battle they had lost against England at the end of the 17th Century, while the last one was the Battle of the Year 2003.They went in opposition to the invasion, but soon capitulated to the principle " Half loaf is better than no Bread". The Americans gave them Lebanon, as they enforced the withdrawal of the Syrian Army. But to dominate and expand Strategy in Lebanon, the Project needs a little more Activity. The French failed to make Lebanon a secure Basis for them in the middle east. The last Doha negotiation has fulfilled the loyalists (pro Syria Opposition) desires, allowing them to have a Veto on the major Decisions of the Government.
So the French recognized that they can do nothing without Syria, and I see the Syrian President's Visit to France as a Part of a new French Strategy, hitherto I oppose the Visit and see no reason for us to insert our Eggs in a new desperate French Rivalry Plan. The French are disappointed over a Helpless European Union. The Union they proposed in 1950, in order to stand the Anglo-Saxonic expansion , and therefore win the historic fights in Asia and Africa. But the Union States don't agree to many of the French Proposals, because they have a good relation to the united States. The newly born States like Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Slovakia etc, and even some bigger States like Poland and Hungary all have a very deeply rooted relation to the United States. They all admit that America has been the liberator. Without America, they would have been living under a communistic Empire still. So the attempt to create the Union of the Mediterranean is a new Challenge, that would hopefully fail again. We support a Mediterranean Union, that would not be used as an Instrument of Exploiting our Arabic nations and States.
Some believe that the Mediterranean Union could serve graze the indiscipline States, and shrank the Chinese and Russian Influence in the Region, but I don't think that such a plan would survive keeping the Genesis in the later French political content.

The Events


Political Values have become very present during the G8 Summits. The Rise of Oil Prices made it necessary for the industrial The G-8 leaders, with Hokkaido Governor Takahashi (left), at a tree-planting ceremony Tuesday. Countries to engineer the new World Era on the Basis of creating alternative Resources and markets. Many believe that Oil will be over by the year 2050. So the expensive and effective Air Force Plains will be helpless, if Oil run out really. To keep the Super Power on the top of the international decision Apparatus, Oil must be monopolized and used for military Purposes only. The higher Oil reserves are (by the year 2050) the lower the chances to strip the super Powers from their Role. In his last Britain Meeting with Mr. Bush, PM Brown said that Long term Demands are the reason why Oil Prices are pushing so high. But to monopolize Oil (militarily) the World needs alternative Resources. If the Industries develop the proposed electric Cars, they will need a market. To create the relevant Market they will need to make electric Energy available in third World. Mr. Brown and Mr. Bush announced a Plan of building over 1000 nuclear Reactors in the World�. This last Project needs a harmonic Ambient. Countries with different political Systems and Behavior would use the nuclear Energy for some other threatening Purposes� The Answer to that Challenge is Democratization and the Spread of liberal values (Human rights). In a negative liberal Sense, the defense of Rights may be seen as the highest political Priority. A subconscious economic Tendency has been pushing toward interventions and political Globalization. In the Philosophy of Will, classicists (Like Friedrich Nietzsche and Schopenhauer) considered the attempt of spreading Values as a will to rule, control or preside. In our Case, Globalization of political Culture and Values are the symbolic raw material for Rights Security and economic Prosperity�The Mirror a correlative Aspect rather Face of Capitalism and Liberalism. But why do the G8 show Concern (in their Japan Meeting) about Zimbabwe exclusively? Simply the faithful democratic Opposition (led by MorganTsvangerai) welcomes the repeated revolutionary Mr.Bush's Call; Stand up and we will stand with you.

Air Pollution, environmental Alerts, Life Threat, Mughabe, Saddam hussein, Ahmadi Najad Etc. together form the symbolism of the new era (although some of the mentioned Instruments like environmental Challenges are not very convincing, they remain the pre-biotic of the future political Structure )





A CNN investigation Team flew along the Syrian Iraqi Borders on a Syrian military helicopter. They expressed satisfaction over the Job (Border Control) done by the brave Syrian Officers. A good sign of a better and Wiser Syrian Stance on Iraq


The Classification of rape as a war Tactic transport a failed logical Assumption... Why?
Soldiers mostly do that not because they are directed to, but because they tend to be Sadistic. That is to say; some War Tactics could comprise Rape as a Strategy. The mentioned Classification is an Attempt of making Rape more Friendly, which we may consider as an innecessary Effort, In sofar Rape has been already considered as a War Crime and not a mere Strategy (see Article 7 ROME STATUTE OF THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT)


to make the international political Contract more viable, the internationalization of Democracy and human rights is needed... to democratize the international Institution, we need to democratize the members. But to democratize the members, a full democratization of the Institution is needed also... the Security council position to the Mughabi dictatorial Regime (23.06.2008) is a sign of a good international will. To make the world a Secure Place the Immunity of Rights, and the Spread of Liberalism should be an international main Goal


Mr.Bush call for Democracy and Freedom in the World gained Sympathy and Support across Europe. Angered are Communists, Nazis and italian Fascists who gathered in rome to demonstrate against the Visit. Gays have been flowing into the "Piazza" to protest also. in according to the BBC.Some 10,000 officers were deployed in Rome to police anti-Bush demonstrators. Many came from beyond Rome to take part








The American foreign ministry annual Report on banned international human Traffic comprised 170 Countries this Year.

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Over 100 Countries gathered (2008) in Rome to discuss the impact of the international Food Crisis upon poor Countries.
















The fact, that foreign Ministers of the World have gathered all in Lebanon to support the proposed Lebanese Problem and be part of the Campaign, explains how far are the world leaders involved in the Lebanese Conflict. On the other Hand, it proves the Impact of the international Cooperation on Peace and Stability in the region




In his latest Visit to Israel, the American President G.W.Bush dropped wrath over the Anti-American Forces. He said:

those who would negotiate with terrorists and radicals to the appeasers of Nazi Germany before World War II, Which angered the democratic Nominee Obama, who repeatedly promised to talk to the US adversaries.


Who are the contextual Enemies, when it is about marking the 60th Foundation Anniversary of Israel (14.May 1948)?

Mr.Bush has been putting high Pressure upon Israel, to help fulfill the Road Map Plan of creating a Palestinian State, that would live Side by Side with Israel. Further; the president lost over 500 Billions in Iraq ( three Trillions in according to the democratic economic Expert Joseph Stiglitz) , and thousands of Casualties to end the Violence and complete the Creation of a moderate Iraq. But because some Forces in the Arabic Would don't care that much about the mentioned Agendas, and try to impose their own dictatorial and authoritarian values over the region, every Effort has been at War with them. In is last Visit to Israel, Mr. Bush did his best risking his relation to Israel, but Hamas took to the Street (on same day) to burn American Flags. The Fundamentalists play on the weak Points�. The Israeli Settlements have been a needle in the UN and US throat. The Road Map appeals on the Palestinians to end Violence, and on Israel to stop the Settlements Expansion. The Israeli Behavior has been fueling the Wheels of Dictatorship and Tyranny throughout the region. Prisons have been always full of oppositionists being accused of helping Israel and Imperialism through their Activities.

The American Effort, to create allies in the Middle East, is scientifically welcome. America cold War Allies have benefited so much from the American technology, and many (like South Korea) developed Industry, while those who joint the Soviet Union or China remained drowning in Misery. But to get the American Arabic relation back on Track, the Americans have to declare War on two Parties, the Arabic and Israeli Extremism. Combating Jewish Extremism would weaken the Propaganda of the Arabic Extremists, and Vice Versa.












In her six Nights Report (God's Warriors), Christine Amanpour (a CNN investigative Journalist) predicts; that the Islamic Fundamentalism has been fueled by economic incentives. She explains;

It looks like Fundamentalism, and it is about religion to an extent, but it is really about what it is for every body all over the world. Bread and Butter Needs. (Amanpour asks)Why did Hamas win? And why did the Muslim brotherhood Org get a fifth of the parliamentary Votes? (She believes) Because ,for Decades, they provided Schools, Education, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Food� They played pocket Book Politics, and it works.

The Report is fascinating. Her Communication and journalistic Skills are undisputable. But over some of her Conclusions there are some critical Remarks.

The Assumption; that Religion relates to economics, is a matter of Fact. But the Claim; that economic Factors are the main Attraction in the fundamentalists election Campaigns, should be subjected to some empirical and psychological analysis. The Followers of the Islamists are committed Muslims, and are ready to sacrifice. In Her next Trip to Israel and across the United States, Mss Amanpour tells of Christian Zionists, who sacrifice Money to the biblical Israel. So they support because of religious Belief chiefly.

Amanpour tells also of some American Christian Communities (like the one led by "Gary Cristo Faro" in Melborne "Florida").The  Pastor holds service at Saturday (the Jewish Sabat) to support Israel and its Settlements, believing that those who bless Israel should be blessed, and those who curse should be cursed. Sandra Ostabroke (an Orthodox Jew) take church Members on Tours of the Settlements in the occupied Territories, where they donated more than 100 thousand Dollars to support Settlers and fulfill the will of the Lord in creating Israel. Mss Amanpour knows how ever, that the followers of such Zionist Churches stand (in the American Elections) for those who bless Israel, and Curse him, who doesn't support Israel. Hitherto; their Caucasus is not about Butter and Bread at all.

That is to say; services and social spenditure can help increase the popularity of Islamists, but are not the main elective Attraction. Many poor Islamists are ready to sacrifice their Properties and Lives for the Sake of Islamism.

The decisive question is; what is the dynamic Power of Fundamentalism in general? Injustice, Poverty, Finance, dictatorship, tyranny etc. all have been historically factors of religious Developments. There is no doubt; that religion is a symbolic rather idealistic Will to Power (Not necessarily for the Followers. But for the Founders at least.).

The Report itself speaks of the American Failure, to defeat Egyptian Islamists through Billions of Dollars of Aid. Even at this, the Reporter be at logical orientation Troubles, when assuming that the Aid did not help at all. Why?

1. To consider social spenditure as a main Election Issue (in the Case of the Egyptian Islamists Elections Contests), but claim that it doesn't imply considerable meaning in the Case of the leading democratic Party Campaign, is a block up of the conclusion; that the Elections are about Bread and Butter.

Finally; the Claim that the economic Spenditure could be an Issue is True, but not the main fundamentalist Priority for sure.

If you turn the assumption over, you may possibly ( and hopefully) get (correspondently ) closer to the truth. So the claim; that it looks like economic Values, and it is about Economic to an extent. But it is really about what it is for every other Fundamentalists Society all over the World- match rather fit the Egyptian political Elections better.

The Reporter based her conclusion on some Groups of Fundamentalists she met. A case in which many Interviewers would face (pragmatically) great ambiguity, because of the interference possibility on the one hand, and the failing statistical control probe on the other.





US foreign Minister Rice pointed out to the relation between Democracy and Prosperity urging the americas to boost democratization in the continent














Days after the FBI told the Congress about the Syrian Plant Activities, and the praised Job done by Israel to destroy it, the American cultural Center ACC in Damascus played a Film, telling the Story of a brave US Woman, who sacrificed a lot to stop the activity of a radiating Plant near San Francisco. Julia Robert (Erin in the Film) gave up her man, in order to have enough Time for the fight.

In the Discussion I asked the American diplomats whether the Film is an additional Message to us to stop thinking about building nuclear Arms? they replied , absolutely not.

asked whether the environmental Policy is an Issue in the US Election? They replied; no one of the presidential Nominees said anything about Environment.

Some asked whether the USA is going to join the Kyoto  Protocol? They replied no sign for that

A final question: would the new Administration be finally a party of the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty, or at least convince Israel of? They hopped so

Damned Middle East. Should care more about the environment.

Although; due to the good Organization and advanced democratic and liberal Structure, and as a leading Force in the World, the USA can not be compared to some instable and irresponsible  regions. But atomic Partners like Israel have been doubtlessly endangering the World Peace. The more the state be religious or dictatorial, the more the international Community get alarmed when it possess weapons of mass destruction.


23 April 2008

Despite the fact; that the so called Doha forum on Democracy has been snuggled by kings and Emirs, it sparks Hope, reminding us of the French revolution, which had primarily restrained the royal rule. But in 1893 the French saw in slaying the king a democratic necessity. The Execution didn't quite end the royal Influences. In 1814, the so called holy alliance ( Russia, Austria, Prussia, Portugal etc.) against the French liberal Revolution invaded Paris to reset the King Rule again!!! A real Freedom  of the Royal Dynasties happened 1848, after a bloody run throughout the History.
On the other Hand; the Forum has invited the Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni in 2006. In 2008, she joint the forum again. Remarkable in her speech has been the following Statement:

Democracy does not belong to any specific faith or national identity. Democracy is the natural birth-right of every human being. There is no contradiction between democracy and religion, or between democracy and patriotism.
This stands in a clear Contradiction to the Israeli Statute, which declares Israel as an exclusively Jewish State.
Question: Do you believe that the Arabic Kings can create a real Democracy in term of Transroyalism into a greater humanism in a liberal sense?


An African Dictatorship has been on a high alert since weeks. Roberto Mugabe remains one of many surviving Tyrants, with a great power and Distinction Immunity Proof. The Leader of the Opposition (MDC) announced a Victory despite the attempts to falsify the eZimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (L) and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirailections.



challenged the UN , when it closed Tibet and cracked down on People, who demand Self-determination Rights.As a Permanent Member of the Security Council and WTO, China Veto the World Will.
How to treat the Chinese Arrogance and denial of modern liberal Values?
How to prevent the Chinese System from Attracting the Others and expanding?
How to strip the Security Council from a red Representation, that has been embarrassing international liberal and democratic Development?
The Answer to the first two Questions:
Isolation and international economic and political Pressure. But an Answer to the third question is not that an easy one. Means; (unless the NATO jumps over the council and acts), China will continue directing Tibet and committing Crimes against People there. They will further expand their Shanghai Strategy also, which could attract the third World Dictators and lead to a new international Cold War.
Primarily; The United States and Europe condemned the Chinese actions, and declared support . ( A Message to the Palestinian Hamas; that those who advocate liberal democratic Concepts, enjoy international Support.

An Interview with Dalai Lama.


Tunisia has been a State of dictatorship. Few days ago, the Tunisian political police cracked down on Journalists. They arrested Omar almesteri ( the editing Director of the magazine " Word"), and Siham bin Sidreen the official Speaker of the national Council for Freedom Watch. They have been tortured by the Police ( while trailed before watching public).
Zen al-abideen bin Ali ( the President of Tunisia) has been playing the  pharaoh since he seized Power by a bloodless Coup ( after the death of  the former Tyrant Abu Roukaiba 1987). Tunisia  has been  a Party  of almost  all  the UN  Treaties  and Conventions .
However,  the formally agreed Articles ever appear in the political Practice of the presiding Dictator

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The state of publicity and media has been disgusting in the past. Countries like Lebanon perceive the freedom of expression as a freedom of insulting the others. In the speech of Mr. Junbalt ( the progressive socialists leader) and even Ja'ja, we heard insulting and even abasing Description about the Syrian Leaders, who launch some counter Attacks sometimes. On the other Hand; many Arabic Rulers view the freedom of thought as a threat to their positions, and do what ever they can to terminate every call for a free expression rule. In their Control panel, mute is the important Button, behind which every magic stick to the throne lurks.

In their latest summit, the Arabic ministers for Information passed a regulating legislation, in which they called upon the Governments to implement the restricting Measures they agreed upon.

The Arabic Journalists considered the Bill as an attempt to mute every free voice. The believe that the interpretation of the issued  Rules offer a flexible understanding, so that each may determine the case in his way, and therefore subject the Media and Publicity to the will of the Surveillance committees.

The Government of Yemen rushed into office and declared the immediate censure of the internet Server " Portal" and the News Paper " Days", showing commitment and loyalty to the Bill, without consulting the Parliament, which means : that an Arabic summit, without a parliamentary role , turns easily into a freedom of Dictatorship.












The Latest on the Arabic League Summit in Damascus

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The Arabic planned Cooperation has been suffering of a Disputed Arabic Summit, that is supposed to take Place in Damascus on 29th of March 2008, and still busy about whether Lebanon will be among the Delegates or not!!. Some are Afraid; that Saudis will not join the party. But many jump over the Fact; that the Arabic Summits have never achieved anything. Many believe; None sense is all that public attention. What the Arabic World needs is a common Market that has failed because of Arbitrary dictatorial Regimes. They need a legitimate Representation of their Nations, which can not be achieved through Kings and arrogant Dictators. They need a political Structure ( Parliament, legislatives and a general Arabic rule council). The Arabic Summits since 1946 up to 2006 have never been seriously taken ( even from the Members themselves).

To be effective on the Global Stage, and an active Part of the international Community, the Arabic States should fulfill the mentioned Demands. Else they will remain a Battle Field of Heroic international hatreds and Conspiracies.
I studied the primary Arabic Impression well, before the Summit takes place. The Usual Arabic Men wish ; they could demonstrate before the Summit Building, and protest because of the careless Arabic Leaders, who came to power mostly through the Window, but don't dare to.
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The First Signs of the Arabic leaders loyalty to the new Rule has been the removal of the Alhiwar TV from the egyptian "Nile" Channels List few Days ago

Marking the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War, the US President George W Bush reaffirm his commitment to Democracy in the Middle East. The Protesting Citizens consist mostly of Gays and anti-globalization Movements.The democratic Nominees go in Opposition to.

The Position of the Syrian Liberals to the US Navy Show
In determining the liberal relation to Hezbollah, it is useful to consider the following Aspects:
1.The Legitimacy. Hezbollah represent a majority in Lebanon, and act in according to an Ideology the grassroots believe in.
2.a In the relation to the Lebanese Society, the Party adopts or (at least) concede to the local democratic Rules.
2.b.In the relation to the international Society, the Party has been accused (by some Countries) of having committed some Crimes. Which make us count with the following possibilities: Either the accused are members, act in according to their own will, and have been detected and identified by an international judiciary board or committee, and in such a case, either the Party deliver them and keep operating within the legal international Framework, or refuses, and be a case or a Focus Object of the security Council. The mentioned hypothesis has never been a question in the Party relation to the international Community represented by the UN. Suppose the party be convicted of having financed some Terror actions, or illegal highjack operations against some foreign or local Interests. In such a case the Party would be a legitimate Target of the international Community. But if the determined Cases relate to Israel, we would like the international Community to proceed from the fact, that Israel financed, committed Crimes and led some Terror Operations across the Arabic World.
In the past Years, the dialog has never been managed by the international Justice. Neither there has been an UN investigation about Crimes committed by the Party Members, nor the Dispute has been a matter of delivering some Criminals detected within the Party.
3.The Ideology of the Party: the Ideology doesn't embarrass our internal or external relation, in so far the Spiritual and political Leaders have never tried to impose their Values over us. They ( at least) claim to believe in the lockian Principle "Freedom of  belief or thought".
4.The Party relation to Iran doesn't exceed the local political Framework, and has been supportive from economic point of View. No one tried ever to discuss the good relation between the Lebanese Christians and the French , Italians or Americans. Take this; the Loyalists ( to England) lived in the United States in Peace and Freedom, even after the English evacuated their Citizens and Army.( Despite the Fact, that the religious Attractions are the Core of the Problem in Lebanon, Loyalty and special relation to foreign Cultures remains legitimate, as long as it stands in no opposition to the agreed Law and Order of a given social Contract in Lebanon.
Given the mentioned Circumstances and Facts; every aggression and War on the Party and its Grassroots ( which could run outside the legitimate international jurisprudential Instruments, and independently from considering the pressuring Israeli Violation of the international Law), is to be considered an aggression against us as whole.
Why? Because we are (in our being a Part of a shared Land, Economic and political Space, and even History, despite cultural Differences) all concerned about achieving Justice and preserving the rights for all, which would lead in other way to preserving the total international Peace and Justice.
We know about independent legions in France and independent Security Companies in America and the rest of the World. In the first World War, many independent Tribes took Part in the Resistance Operations, and became awarded later. In Lebanon; the Resistance Forces face Trial and condemnation, at a very decisive moment, and amid a State of no peace in the region. No body discuss the possibility of accepting the Party as a Legion supplemented to the Lebanese Army. Each in the oriental "Bazaar" is snuffling over the threat Hassan Nasr Allah is causing, while each Lebanese remain practically a potential threat to the other, as long as the Lebanese social Contract still subjected a divine comedy.
Note1: Demanding a fair Stance or position on Hezbollah, is neither a commitment or approval of the Rule in Damascus and Tehran, nor a denial of the Rights for the Jews to exist. It is also no aggression or War declared on the United States. In the worst Times, we remain committed to the American liberal values, and endorse the role of the Americans in protecting the Freedom in the World. But we will never let the Party and the people in the south be an easy Goal for Predators also.
We support the Americans in their Effort to maintain Democracy and Freedom in the Arabic World, and urge the Administration to make Israel kneel and join in the Rights Actions. We don't tolerate targeting the US Interests, but a liberal Basement of our Interest Priorities is philosophically given also.
Note2. We don't claim to be the perfect and Wise, to whom blood and souls are to be sacrificed , and don't exclude the possibility of being wrong

In a democratic Forum ( eye on Democracy "alhurra TV 25.02.2008") , the Guests discussed the role of the exile Opposition and hosting Countries in emboldening Democratization in the arabic World

Mr. Najeeb Alghadban (a Syrian exiled oppositionist) appeared to have a strong faith in the exiled Turf, and the abroad Activity, believing that it may influence the internal development in the Arabic World. An Iraqi intellectual sparred over the possibility of political democratization without changing the surrounding authoritarian Cultural ambient, in which many blow against the Wind of change.
The man jump simply over the fact, that; the democratic Logic proceed its inferences as derived from the Nature of the Society. Its Research Object is simply the human being stripped from all possible unnatural Causes and ambitions.
The Nature of Life is a Strife for Liberty. A Struggle to overcome Obstacles and help get rid of Restrains and Slavery. To achieve a free and democratically faithful Society, you need some supportive Governments committed to cultural Freedom, and serve as responsive to.
The Dilemma; The contemporary Arabic Dictators see in the authoritarian Cultures a defense for their Strategy, and push toward Chaos and disorder in Countries, where Democracy be an ambition.
The Price of Freedom must be steep in a region, where Rulers defend their Positions through promoting illiberal Education, and provide the anti-democratic Movements with a lain divine or other idealistic Authority- to kill in Gods Name. This remind us of countering cold War Symbols embodied in Literature and Movies like 007, But 00961, 00962,00964,00966,00213 etc. also. Authoritarian Rulers can never beget liberalism and Democracy. It is an Evolution toward a greater Authoritarianism only. So it is no use asking Kings and Dictators to support the democratization in Iraq, but to change their political Modus first of all.
What to do with individuals, who traditionally endorse unnatural Restrains? The Answer is very simple; They can be integrated within the democratic System, if they believe in the Principles of individual Freedom and adopt them in their external relation. Those who oppose the individual Freedom and persist imposing Values over the others by Force, are the Goal of a World wide Combat (a world wide Phenomenon).They make out the Axis of Evil, in which totalitarian Rulers, Islamic and Jewish Extremists, Nazis and Racists, far right Socialists etc. enjoy a distinctive Priority.
Indicators of who is and who is not, are Positions and Stances on Events seen within the Framework of the international human Rights Declarations (think self-determination Rights and the related democratic and liberal Instruments). Viewing Liberty as the Goal of the human Being (the Being in general) we may label every opposing Power as an inhumane Force, and therefore an Enemy of the Society
Countries who try to destroy the Democracy in the Iraq
Countries who don't have respect to the Will of independence in Taiwan, Tibet, Kosovo,Chechnya, Palestine etc. In other Words; Countries who support violent Individualism, Creeds, Terrorism and condemn the will for Freedom and Liberty.
On the other Hand; Opposition to Tyranny and dictatorship in Countries like Zimbabwe, Myanmar,or the Arabic World may serve as a certificate and an indicator of a good Axis.
Each strange Entity or nucleus material emerge within an unnatural System, gives legitimacy for combat











A big dinosaur has conceded after 49 years of sickening propaganda.The United States is hoping that Cuba steps toward democracy, and Mr. McCain promise help

Drama was the Signature Tune of Castro's Career

Surprise: the Dictators left behind him a Legacy (the Brother Raul), over which   Mr. Buh Expressed disgust.


Like many have expected, the new courageous president Raul ( the Brother of the former Castro) brought a small Reform Package with him. The Cubans may now have their own Computer and Mobile Phones. A small Step but Promising











A year ago, Mr.Hayden (The CIA Director) said in a Hearing before the Congress, that he knows how to combat Terrorism, without violating the rights of the individuals. the state of Liberty seems to be related to the State of Security. So Mr. Hayden admits the Use of Waterboarding, without solving the confusion between his liberal understanding, ad the Way he treated Prisoners!!!!

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The CIA has announced the Transportation of 14 War on Terror detainees to Jordanian Prisons to be systematically investigated there,where

 through  the human rights Watchdogs reported Torture and inhuman Treatment

Some Jordananian Officials have denied the news about the mentioned 14 detainees, calling it slander and defamation. But the News have been well documented and published by the US Media and News Agencies. It is good to know, that Jordan has joint The Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment earlier than the transporting United States. So Jordan has been a Party since Nov. 13th 1991.while The united States joint in 1994. The syrian news Paper "Home" wrote (10.04.2008) about the driven Jordanian Anger by the Human rights watch Report.The humane European Countries transported during the War on terror years suspects to many Arabic Countries, to expose them to torture there. So they don't want to break the international Law, but let the brave Arabic Governments do the Job. many wonder, what a heavy slap in the face of the political Globalization , specially when security be at a high alert. As far as I am informed; there are some useful CIA Methods of Scanning Suspects Memories through a Bio-Spy, which makes the Torture Trip a mere Sadistic Act





Ahmad Hussein Annan