Ahmad Hussein Annan


International Climate Changes have been a natural geological phenomena. In Modern Times, Nations have been environmentally interested in imposing environmental Rules, to help achieve a better environment with less health risks. There is a consensus about the necessity not to smoke in public places, and produce low emissions in Cities where people live (Air Cleanliness vs. Air contamination). Newly environmental and green Movements claim that changes happening to the atmosphere jeopardize nations existence (and we fully agree to that theory), but they additionally claim that a certain environmental Behavior would grant a rescue of threatened forests, animals and nations. Going behind the economic aspect of that claim we find out that; less CO2 production means a less Oil demand and therefore a more stabile Oil Prices, which would help suffering western Industries.

On the other Hand, implementation of clean Energy requires a high developed Technology and atomic Energy, which would open new economic Spaces for advanced western Industries. This beside some other considerations make Liberal Streams and Young Industries (LDN's & DN) more suspicious about the new World environmental Deal. The Jointure of  developing Industries leads to less Growth in according to some UN-Studies.

Some further Indicators that have been causing reservations:

The Earth has been geologically witnessing 4 Ice Stages. Each time Ice melted without Industrial or crucial humane Influences.

Scientifically there are very convincing global Changes indicators, but no one convincing Theory; that lower humane Activities would help stop global environmental Changes. The fact that Changes happened in the past without Industrial interventions make the derived claims or inferences irrelevant, and therefore a mere Trojan Horse to achieve political Goals. The conservative Heritage Organization scoffed enough at the way poor Countries behaved anyway