Ahmad Hussein Annan

الثورات العربية / the Arab Revolutions

الشاعر نزار قباني ملهم الثورات العربية

By the shining of the year 2011, a Storm of change struck across the Arabic world. Weeks earlier, the Arabic human rights Committee Spokesman Mr. Haitham Almanna'a (or Almanna3) Appeared on the BBC (11.12.2011) to tell; that the state of human rights in the Arabic World is on backward Course. Mr. Almanna'a added;  unlike the civilized world, Arabic men and women are increasingly exposed to governmental and political Violence. in January 2011 the annual US foreign ministry report said that the Arab Leaders do nothing to improve the state of human rights.


دعوة للتظاهر ضد العصابات العربية العربية الحاكمة


Addressing the Palestinian- Israeli peace negotiation conference, yahood barack (former defense minister of Israel) expressed pessimism over life  in the middle east few days before Mr. Almanna'a statement.

Barack emphasized the need for protection and self defense power. He said: In the middle east there is no mercy for the weak (Power Play is the rule). That concept appears to be the Israel's Guide to the future,and is quite usual in a world, where social Contract doesn't exist yet. It is a Hobbesian nature, where the strong prevail (the toughest Monkey lead), and is a presocial Contract development state. 

2010 was a troublesome year for the Europeans. Economically they suffered, but the European Union acted responsibly to confront economic Troubles and overcome deficit and debt in fragile states like Greece and Ireland. In Neighboring Arabic Countries, where the EU has closed many Partnership Agreements, there are no responsible leaderships to act when economic challenges are before doors. The leaderships are more or less Bands, and behave more or less like Mafia Networks. Some western European Countries do benefit from deals with such regimes, but in the long run, mentioned Business can turn very dangerous to become much more harmful. Violent and exploitive individualism had lost the battle in Europe long ago, but remain dominant in the European foreign politics. Some EU States support the Stability of illegitimate Rulers (rule dynasties) and provide dictators with modern technology to combat Oppositions. That short and narrow sighted Strategy is very alarming from security Point of View. Exploitive Euro Streams must understand; that their National Future and the future of the rest of the world shouldn't remain dependent on some Dictators- with swine Deals.  One should also indicate; that G.w.Bush Call for democratization is still angering Violent and exploitive colonial streams, who did every thing to block up the democratic Process in Iraq and Afghanistan, and persist trying to show bad Aspects of the Process or invent some imaginary propaganda Side effects of the whole international effort.

The first revolutionary enrapture of the year 2011 emerged in Tunisia, where France best Ally Zain al Abideen fled the Country after a dramatic Upheaval of democratic and free Arabic Forces went far behind expectation to play a new Phoenician epopee again.

Long ago, when the Romans besieged Tunisia, 700 men and women preferred to burn themselves, than get captured and intimidated by the barbarians. Azizi ( The Tunisian revolution spark) burnt himself, to write a new Chapter in the Arabic History, beginning with the runaway of Ben Ali 14.01.2010.

Those who have been standing on the other Side to oppose Arabic Freedom and sovereignty watched the events amazed. Yes, globalization of Democracy is a deterministic Process (Inevitable in according to Tony Blair), and an end to Exploitation and Colonialism has been always a logical Sequence.

Egypt, where People have been living under the yoke of a heavily armed dictator, rises up today showing unprecedented will to freedom and Democracy. I agree to the Idea that such a revolution may turn dangerous, but no one is trying to help guide the Uprising toward becoming friendly or bloodless. Par example Muhammad Albarad'ee (the man who led the IAEA) is one of the many moderate Dynamos in the Liberation Movement scene, and a peace laureate allying with many Egyptian intellectuals, but has not yet been clearly welcome by westerners as an alternative to Moubarak. European Media has already labeled the revolution as a potential danger that would imply fundamentalism, and if they really keep standing against the will of the people , the revolution is likely to mark them as enemies per nature.

European colonial Streams who colonized Egypt, killed Egyptians and led many insulting Wars against the Country, stand by Moubarak (The dictator who is trying to breed a Successor before he leaves). Moubarak offered every thing, but Egyptians have been offered nothing, except some begged Aid coming from the United States. Such a Country, crowded with poor and desperate men, should have had created own Industry long ago. Egypt should have control of their own Destiny at last.

Dictatorship is the enemy of Freedom and Peace, and it has been the emblem of the western enlightenment, that dictatorship is the enemy of Peace and Freedom, and if exploitive Euros will keep breeding Dictators in the region, the Arabic revolutions will grow much more dangerous than it is being the case right now.

Speaking about evil blowing against the freedom of men, we should not oversee the good Streams (including many US-Republicans and even some Democrats), who extend Solidarity to the Nations democratic Aspirations. American Technologies work revolution Friendly too. Face Book, Twitter and other Internet Networks are some of the open Spaces that have been very supportive to modern Political Movements. peaceful expression, Organization and demonstrations are American values, and the US-President Obama pledged to defend them. This sound very promising. But what is needed is more deeds- less words. Historically; words are democratic tools, while deeds are a republican Method. Recent examples: as when the republican Congress voted for the freedom of Bosnia, and republican senators intended to sell weapons to the Resistance, the democratic Clinton vetoed the Congress Decision primarily, but later America became the decisive force in that conflict. That is why Bosnians consider America as the Father of their Independence. further newly emerging or independent countries  like Poland, Czech republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia, Latvia  etc those Countries believe in America more than their EU.

حركة التحرر الديمقراطي تدعم البرنامج الاصلاحي الذي أطلقه الرئيس الأسد In their Struggle to gain Freedom and independence, Arabic Nations are in a great need to American Support. Americans and their Euro Allies should support the will to  Freedom and democracy, because it is the will of Good.. Otherwise they will lose future economic and strategic battles. There is in fact no other Choice for them.

Further strongly predicted independence Candidates are Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Morocco….There is no way Back… So he who will join the democratic wheels, will become Arabic  partner in the future.

تظاهروا من أجل عولمة الحقوق والديموقراطية تحقيقا لسلام حقيقي ودائم

Those who keep catching at dictators should know, that our Choices are bigger than theirs. In Bahrain and Yemen Enrapture smoke of  the revolution is already seen and upheaval is evidently heard. From history we know; that the 1000 miles road begins with a step. The French revolution began with a parliament, and a traditional role for the King, little later the revolts slayed King Luis and his Wife. Now we have Parliaments in Kuwait, Jordan and many other Arabic Kingdoms and Principalities. Some other Arabic States (whether falsified republics or principalities) are still ruled rather captured by either divinely or self-declared Rulers. The day will come (M.L.King), when Arabic Dictators, Kings and falsified Leaders stand at the End of the trial to get either strangled (like Saddam Hussein) or slayed for good. So those who are spinning Conspiracies and Plots against the will of the Arabic People will regret the day they closed Partnership with Dics. Those who oppose the positive American comments and political support to Freedom Movements should read the American Statute carefully. They should read and understand the American declaration of Independence before playing US-Politics. American Statute and constitutions Fundaments view the support to Freedom Movements as binding.  The American Presidency is urged to stand by the will of the people, and provide support to Freedom and Liberty in the World. The Arabic Dics survival method of using  to escape the pressure through a massive launch of political assaults on Israel can't help anymore. Ghaddafi appearence in his helpless tenet to attack Israel politically calling for a total return of evacuated Palestinians is a failing and uncovered attempt to jump or ignore the internal call for democratization. It is also an Egregious and shameless attempt to justify a ruling Dic. Much more; It is a Certificate of a dirty Role Israel (willingly or unwillingly) is Playing in the Region. So far our regional Freedom and international Peace is much more important than the Business Israel is sharing with local Dics. No one an deny the right of Israel to live in Peace and Freedom, but free Arabic Men are not  ready to pay any Price on their own.  If Israel want to gain the Heart and recognition of Syrians (for example) they should offer Golan Heights in exchange to Democracy and free Elections held under international Observance (neither Israelis nor Americans have the right to negotiate the future of a Country without an illegitimate Ruler). When the Israeli Air Force fly over his palace, his prestige and Image sinks, but his roots in the rule and his iron hand against the opposition grow stronger also. Israeli Idiots should also understand; that their long run future is not a matter of a single man ruling Syria by Force, and offering Syrian economic resources to sponsors in Europe and else where. France (One of Israel's Founders and the Country that has built the Israeli atomic Power Plants) is sharing with Russia a total Seizure of Syrian economic Resources- not for the benefit of Israel, but for the Benefit of their Own snaky Countries. The Future of Israel can't lie in the Hand of Dics. for ever. the Future in term of a normal and widely accepted state can be reached only through common Values and shared economic Goals with Neighbors, which (given the historic and contemporary Israeli role and stance on Arabic Freedom) an impossible Israeli Dream. King David Sling (ballista) can only achieve more Israeli losses. Bravery is the highest human Value. To be brave one must accept the facts; and do the right even if Rights are correlated with wars in some instance. Nietzsche and many other Philosophers and social Theorists considered War as a Nature of Life. But in the developed human Society War is based on justice and Legitimacy. So in the War we learnt to distinguish Evil from good Axes. Countries who support Dictators and see  in them that kind of falsified Stability launch and implement Evil Freedom and Evil Wars. They Are seen as Cowards from literary and philosophical point of View.

Some of the reasons why Enmity and Anti western passions have been on increase in the Arabic world is; the opposition to Arabic Freedom and rights. par instance president Moubarak (the one who offered a lot of free concessions to the western World in exchange to too small loafs) lost face after the Israeli Assaults on Gaza. His Popularity sank and in order to restore balance, he and King Abdullah (of Saudia Arabia) had to resume better relation to their rival (Bashar Al-Assad) immediately after the War. The Failing Peace Process driven by Egyptians as Mediators, beside the War on Gaza and the unwaged Egyptian support to western Interest in Iraq and Lebanon, made Moubarak suffer a lot of political losses, which led him and his Allies to the actual Challenges.

In Brief; to win the region politically, one must support the freedom and rights of the people, and that correlation between rights and  gain seems to be philosophically and politically very plausible.

The German ARD  TV discussed with prominent German Intellectuals the meaning of that Revolution to the western World.

Michael Friedman (Chairman Vice of the Jewish central Council in Germany) view in Islamists a potential Danger, but welcome free Ambitions.

Kienzl ( A journalist and ME Expert) believes: It is a revolution against Poverty and inequality. The Gap between Leadership and People is too big. Moubarak has over 40 Milliard  Dollars, while Salary of a good Police Man is about 40 Euros.

Cilia Harders ( A professor of political science at the Free University of Berlin and an expert "Egypt") compare the Muslim Brotherhood Org with the ruling Party in Turkey, where modernity and Islamism helped Turkey to become an EU Member.

The ARD Survey shows some German uncertainty over moderate Islamism in Egypt, and that is what some Egyptian intellectuals and politicians (like Amro Mousa the Secretary General of the Arabic League) proclaim . But many are optimist believing that Islamists are not the only decision maker in the Country. For many people Muslim Brotherhood Org would not embarrass the legitimate Interests of the western World, but represent a great challenge to local Egyptian secularists. Some Arabic Conflict Experts Believe; that Egyptian Islamists are a logical response to Israeli Extremism and fundamentalism. They advocate the Motto; if you want peace, you should prepare for War.

In My View; Both Jewish and Islamic Fundamentalists implicate a great Danger to Humanity, but although are likely to be more productive and fruitful than Authoritarian  Dictators like Moubarak, Abdullah, Ghaddafi, Muhammad Alsades etc anyway.

Moubarak Friends, Neighboring Countries and ruling Forces of Egypt have been playing Cat and Mouse since the outbreak of the Protests. They have been using a very clever psychological Method to contain the Uprising through soothing Declarations, and absorb the Wrath of the Protesters through Coaxing Behavior synchronized by several Attempts to ride the whole Track hoping to be able to convert Trends to some easing political lines being approved by Enemies of the Nation, and if they fail to convert the development Track they would prefer to light a civic War rather than deliver a Strong Egypt to Egyptians.

Surprisingly; every attempt to contain, manipulate or convert the Uprising has failed. Adept and tricky Intellectuals seem to have been conducting the track of the ambitious protests. So the snaky local and foreign Enemies of the Egyptian society are shocked… Don't know what to do.

President Obama Calls for a peaceful Transition, his emphasis on Self-determination right of the Egyptians and the promise he made to help Egyptians have a better future impressed the Arabic Society positively, and are widely considered as a welcome American Position to the Arabic democratic hope and Freedom Ambitions. But whether that will be implemented or programmed by the decisive American foreign relation engineers is questionable. VOA TV discussed his positive stance today with a great deal of Suspicions and Pessimism .Bryan Penet (a national Security reporter) Considered the promises and statements Obama made too risky. America will be blamed if things in Egypt grow wrong (he said).

David Brook (A new York Times Columnist) criticized the American democratization politics claiming that American reactions are inhomogeneous. Mentioned Analysts reflect a very typical democratic foreign political Concept. In contrast to republicans the Democrats are traditionally careful in their relation to foreign States interior affaires (which makes them appear to be Hypocrites), Things Obama respected on the beginning of the Protests . He appealed on the Egyptian leadership to be careful. But sometimes Obama play a Bipartisan president. That is why we view some republicanism in his political Positions.

11.02.2011 A revolutionary removal of a tyrant that has resisted the will of eight millions for over 3 Weeks became real . Ambitious Egyptians spent days and nights shouting at him and firing their typical freedom hymns, raising flags and national symbols and  demanding his immediate resignation. The Egyptian president has finally resigned after revolutionary crowds besieged his presidential headquarter.

Immediate Reactions: The American president B. Obama has welcome Moubarak resignation and promised the Egyptians a true American transition help. Other Arabic nations are celebrating the formal removal of the dictator, and hope that the Egypto-Tunisian (Jasmine/white) revolutions will expand to comprise the rest of the Arabic World. The German Chancellor (Kanzler) Merkel emphasized the need for a free and fair elections. Classical VOA Experts Brook & Mark are (as usual) not united in their predictions and analysis. While Brook predicts a jeopardizing Muslims Brotherhood Organization role, Mark expressed Optimism about the newly emerging Egyptian face Book Islamism, which wouldn't differ from the Turkish AKP Party led by Rajab Taiyeb Ardogan.

The Arabic World free Movements stand before two choices : either they 1. advocate a liberal dictator, that would grant free and fair elections, but protect general international values and adhere to human rights principles (Means to exclude Anti-democratic Forces and natural human rights enemies from the political process), or 2. advocate experimentalism through integrating all kinds of political forces in the political Process. Important to note; that a liberal dictator is not a dictator in a natural sense, accept different thought, welcome all political ideologies, doesn't last more than two terms, doesn't declare emergency to protect his own interest, doesn't crack down on peacefully demonstrating civilians. A liberal Dictator is a democrat, who protects the democratic system and immunize the political process from being exposed to corrupting movements with Undemocratic or malicious Agenda. That kind of liberal dictator exist in Germany and some other European states (to a certain extent). Example: Nazis and Neo Nazis have been banned and excluded in Germany after the second World War.

Important to know; that the Arabic world (whether Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, or Sudan ) are ruled by some sticky illiberal dictators, who are much more dangerous than even excluded Authoritarians and extremist folks Groups. They have been the fuel of the Middle East Conflict, jeopardizing Freedom and peace in the Region and entire World. They are inventors of Terror, Authoritarianism, political vampirism & Cannibalism. Even Alqaeda Terrorism and Conspiracies have been (directly or indirectly) some of the many side Effects beamed by mentioned Arabic Dictators, who stand behind the deadlock of the peace, the economic Misery and international peace vulnerability also.

For the sake of world peace and stability, International liberal Forces and local democratic and free Movements should work closely to put an end to Arabic dictatorship. An End to dictators, who have always been working hard to create an inhomogeneous World, which would make it easier for them to last forever.

Arabic Dics (Dictators like the Sudanese Omar Al Basheer) who dance today championing the revolting Egyptians in a hope to be backed by the new Egyptian Leadership were silent before the resignation of Moubarak. Such Dictators will be the next goal of the Arabic Revolution for sure. Omar Al Basheer is a man who committed Crimes of Genocide in Sudan, and agreed to a survival deal to let Sudan split in exchange for a hoped Amnesty.

مبروك لمصر وعلى قبال ذهاب دكتاتوري جديد إلى مزابل التاريخ


The revolutionary Egyptians have worked very hard to achieve that primary Step, but to continue heading in the right direction, they are burdened by some very challenging Tasks. On the one hand they have to get rid from the rest of the dictatorial effects (which doesn't seem to be an easy job), on the other they must be careful in their relation to foreign colonial and exploitive  powers (Friends of the fallen regime) who attempt to destroy their effort . Generally speaking; in a globalized World one is supposed to deal with miscellaneous political Streams, and that is the reason why local Elections in even most powerful Countries became partly dependent on foreign political developments. Two Aspects one should consider:  a. The stronger and more engaged in leading international initiations a country is, the more it is vulnerable and dependent on foreign relation. Vice versa  b.  the less a Country  is internationally engaged (hitherto distant and withdrawn), the less it is vulnerable or dependent. But  Countries from the first Class (a) are usually strong and evolutionary, while Countries from the second class (b) are weak with narrow chances . Example: USA VS North Korea. McLaughin (VOA TV 14.02.2011) hosted America's most permanent Journalist (Eleanor Clift "News Week", Pat Buchanan " MSNB" and a republican journalist from the Washington post) to discuss the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution and the way America handled the situation there. Arabs are usually criticized and indicated as the most loud nations in their Café, but American VOA Guests exceeded the volume of  famous Arabic discussions (Think Faisal Kassem-Aljazeera TV). The Back ground conclusion of that discussion is the important role Egypt plays in the American foreign but very internal politics also.

Based on that Theory; it is more promising to remain involved in international political Efforts, than become a weak independent cheapskate. In that context one should welcome the offer Obama made, to help facilitate the political transition and keep the partnership but with little needed reservation too.  Americans themselves state that their political positions are not unique, and therefore Egyptians can even play a decisive role in the American internal political equity , which provides the newly born Country with wide spectrum of economic opportunism taking advantage of open political horizons, that would make them more influential in dealing with the damned Arab-israeli  conflict also.





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By Ahmad Hussein Annan