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september 2010


The Hamas has opposed the latest american Mediation to achieve peace in the ME. The Org called for a total Boycott. Why? Hamas can't have an answer to that question. The Leadership seems to have been developing the very disgusting Business with Iran. The Tantalization of the Peace became the Main Instrument in the Middle

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The World Cup Africa 2010



Arabic Islamists and Socialists continue celebrating the Crisis of the contemporarily faltering Capitalism. In an Aljazeera Talk (13.04.2010) Kamal Shateela (The director of the Lebanese Center for strategic Studies) claimed: that the End of the western Capitalism became very deterministic. Shateela proclaims: 37 Trillions US Debts (two of them The USA owes China), plus Limon Brothers and other 520 expectedly slipping Banks are an enough Evidence. (The Talk is known as "The Counter Direction" and has been introduced by the westernized Syrian Journalist "Faisal Alqassim").  

The encountering Egyptian Rashad Abdo (an Egyptian economics Professor) argued; Failure of a Government is not a failure of the Capitalistic System. Rashad added: Chinese economic Growth happened through Capitalization and liberalization.

Among Shateela's booby Analysis there is one good point; He believes the lost Western Health goes to china and other rising economic Powers. There is not that much to emendate about that allegation. But to prevent Health from vaporizing one should improve the performance and fitness of the economic Players, which can not be achieved without required relevant Conditions.

For their Part Americans keep praising Reforms taken by Middle East Governments, and the white House affirmed (29.04.2010) the importance of the US-Islamic Countries Summit that took place in Washington this year. The nightly Business Report (VOA TV 23.04.2010) reports: It took 42 Days to start a Company in the ME in 2004. But in 2009 it took only 21 days. Top Performers are Egypt and UAE (the report Says). Although the western World doesn't benefit enough from the open chances in the third World, because Western Labor Forces block Incorporations Moves Oversees, which wouldn't help in the long run anyway. Instead of confronting the new challenges realistically, the western poverty renew the call for Keynesianism (Gayesm) and grapple leftward, where authoritarians run their Parties of celebrations.

On the Other Hand; The Crisis in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy etc provide a strong Evidence; that the Collapse which has been striking in the United States is neither a per G.W. Bush brought disaster nor a republican made process. The Bush Effort to create a new Middle East has been an Attempt to open new Horizons for Economies and affront the Asiatic Dens, things European Donkeys fail to comprehend up to date.

Further; the Europeans go ahead in their EU Illusions calling for the foundation of own Standard & Poor Agency. They simply mistrust the American one (ARD TV 29.04.2010).

The US-Standard & Poor Agency has been misclassifying the Portuguese, Greek and Spanish Creditworthiness "Kreditwuerdigkeit Herabstufung" (SFI TV 28.04.2010), which aroused French and German Reservations. EU is likely to become the Goal for some political Idiots, instead of serving as tools to achieve Goals. Ordinary People prefer (in according to some local European Surveys) to suspend bankrupt Members like Greece, but idealistic politicians keep catching at their dizzy EU-Empire.

By the beginning of the Mendicancy, the EU Analysts announced: Greece Debts range from 250 to 300 Billions, and the country is in Need for immediate help. Weeks later; we heard of a 400 billions Debts and 100 Billions immediate need to keep the Country House Balance in tact. Up to date the Europeans remain (goggle-Eyed) staring at their Evening Greece, and those who are expected to help count with own before doors Challenges. Dax losses of 2.7% (27.04.2010) became embraced by additional 1.8% on the following Day t, and the Volatility Index (which measure the Nervosity of shareholders and Investors) jumped immediately to about 17.4%.  So the interest Rate that would be imposed on Greek Credits is expected to be around 10% (ZDF 30.04.2010). Other European Stocks have been suffering very well also; FTSE, CAC 40, Amsterdam even the Swiss SMI has been badly effected. Thanks achieved fiscal Globalization, the impact of the Crisis on Asiatic and even some American stocks made the international Community care about a common solution to the debt Crisis. Protectionists and leftists have nothing to say when it comes to international economic developments. The solution is however remains a liberal or Neo liberal recipe. Extreme rightists and Leftists (Violent social nationalism Vs. Violent Individualism) are in fact bellicose. In according to own Philosophy; whenever Stagnation or economic Weakness emerge, Wars probabilities become highly expected.

In their new platonic Utopia (EU) the Greek have flown from the nucleus to land in the very far Periphery, but with good relationship to their ascetic Arabic Neighbors who propose exorcism when it comes to Economics.

Arabic Nationalists and Islamists have been predicting the collapse of liberal Capitalism since it emerged. We wish they could rather treat own ambiguous and undefined Arabic state, instead of using political channels to analyze and cosmologically study the western or American future.

If it is really necessary for the Arabic Nationalists and authoritarians to study or predict the future of the western Capitalism, they should consider the following points:

1. The Crisis is not necessarily capitalistically natured, but global for sure.

2. Third World Countries (whether Capitalists or not) are generally Growing up faster than Developed Countries. Their fast Growth has been the outcome of Liberalization and free Trade (liberal Capitalization). But the more they overhaul or get closer to the international Standard the slower their Growth will become. Mentioned Growth Law is the Nature of every free and open Competition.

3. Socialists, Royalists, and dictators oppose Globalization by nature. They allow some economic Globalization, but keep reluctant when some political globalization Issues are on the Table.


Latest Observation  

Frankfurt                         10.05.2010                             07.05.2010

Euro in Dollar                   1, 2969                                   1, 2746


Frankfurt                         12.05.2010                             11.05.2010

Euro In Dollar                  1, 2686                                    1, 2698

Euro in Dollar (Tokyo)    1, 2646                                    1, 2745

Euro in Dollar (New York) 1, 2619                                    1, 2680                 


 Frankfurt                         13.05.2010

Euro In Dollar                   1, 2587

Euro in Dollar (Tokyo)     1, 2670


Frankfurt                           14.05.2010

                                          1, 2492

Euro in Dollar (Tokyo)    1, 2647

As mentioned above, the Euro kept affronted even at home by the dollar. In last days , the Euro scored victory over the dollar at home (in Frankfurt), but never in New York. Weeks after the announcement of the MFI and EU Solidarity with the Euro, the European Currency became better treated.


Fiscally Burdened Countries like Greece, Portugal, Spain, UK etc keep potentially seriously besetting the western Market. Namely the last Greek Experience has unmasked the cheesiness of European Nationalism.


The philosophical quartet (one of the very distinctive TV Programs in the second German channel" ZDF") discussed the Rousseauan Social Internationalization View.

Mr. Joschka Fischer (the German foreign Minister) has brought the Rousseauan Theory to an absolute Collapse believing; that internationalization enriches Empathy and produces Cooperation Gravity. The Guests who seemed to advocate the Rousseauan World View on the beginning of the Quartet became evidently falsified. Mr. Ruediger Safranski (a Quartet Guest) views Europe as a culturally homogenous Society burdened by a virtually imagined international social Integration.

Mr. Safranski assumes lack for cultural Gravitation when it comes to internationalization.

Fischer: Issues like Genocide became internationally condemned, while bird flu and other environmental culture Aspects raised international concern. An already existing international Cooperation Gravity and common sense have been the very basic of international Relation?

Peter Solterdijk (The Moderator) shed some pessimism in respect to some Issues like Environment, whereby the existence of some Nations becomes disrespected by others. Safranski adds: there exists always a certain level of Solidarity, but whether as a small Nation one becomes rightly positioned and well recognized in a broader international Society-remains an open Question.

Fischer: Challenges are of course always there. For some authoritarian Governments; Internet has been viewed as a threat, for it represents a form of political participation, which seems to be very welcome by democratic Societies. Anti Internationalization and Globalization Movements have been Hitherto classified as the opposing Track of Humanity and humanization, which is not the original Focus when referring to the International Legitimate Politics.

Peter solterdijk concluded; It is a real problem when Empathy and political Institutions don't go Hand in Hand.





German social Scientists have been very intensively busy focusing on Integration of Muslims in the German Societies. Millions work and live in Germany, where Socialism, Nationalism and Liberalism grew up forming a very polemic Social Connection. The last Project to integrate Muslims and share the international Anti Terror Campaign culturally has been pedagogically pledged, to teach Islam in a modern fashion, trying to put the Islamic Education in Touch with Democratization. Curiosity with low volume of expectation characterizes this last German Experiment, especially after the Swiss made a shorter Conclusion when voted against the Islamic Minarets Culture.





The second German Channel "ZDF" reported the European and German Position to the bankrupt Greek raising the Motto "Wir sind Griechenland"- We are Greece. The Channel Interviews and shots brought an only pessimistic political Scene. A similar disaster is likely to escalate in some other European Countries like Spain and Italy.  The most popular Proposal has been an End to the Greek Membership in the Euro Zone, and that is the only Way to rescue the Suffering Euro.

Given the fact; that the EU Office for Statistics complains of Incredibility contained in the Data flow from southern European Countries like Greece, A proposed economic Government to observe and release an early alarm System became misestimated also. After a long Debate, the Europeans turned to the IMF, which they could also do without becoming an EU. Transparency has been internationally an additional Globalization Necessity, to make Integration more successful and less vulnerable.

VOA TV 14.02.2010

In a Discussion about Supreme Court & Public Opinion, Barry Friedman (A New York University Professor, Vice Dean and author of the Book "The Will of the People") defends his disputable Theory about the Gap between Judges Decisions and Public Opinions. He believes: Judges don't stand for the people but act in according to the law. The Discussion Moderator pointed out to the Way G.W. Bush acted based on Law and order albeit being contradictory to the public Opinion. Friedman faced harsh Criticism from  

Jeffery Rosen (Law Professor George Washington University) who believes that Civic Liberty springs from Bottom up, and Lee Epsten (North western University) who  scoffed at that Idea.

Missing in the Discussion is a scientific Theorist, to analyze and empirically respond to the proposed Falsification Hypothesis assumed by Mr. Friedman himself. Freidman agrees to the Criteria; that empirical Analysis is the Basis of Falsification. But in this case like in many other Cases (whether Ceteris Paribus/statistically derived or deductively constructed conclusions), one should distinguish between Genesis and Justification. For Many famous Scientific Theorists (like Carl Popper) Genesis plays no important Role. But in the mentioned Court-public Opinion Dispute, the focus seems to be wrong. The Constructive Data work little bluffing if not arrogating at all. On the other Hand; the statistic indicator seems to be irregularly and too differentially tiding, depending on Time and space Variances. Wrong in Theory is the Absolutization of both polemic Elements "Court & public opinion". Mr. Friedman catches on Notions to lose the Context. Court Decisions are based either on changeable Law or interpretatively reduced to an amendable Constitution. When a Court doesn't act in compliance with a contemporary public Opinion at some places some times, the general Space or legislation Time remain relevant. As when public Opinion changes, it takes some Time until legislative and Lawful changes happen. That is why it is useful to let Proceedings take enough time, and even in some sensitive cases Execution happens Months or years later. Sometimes a Context newly emerges, or an unexpected Outcome due to fluctuating time-space Variances shocks the General assumption of Law References, and in such a case some additional Law moral or other legislative bindings may grant an exclusive Settlement. The Basic Job of Courts is to act in according to the general Will of the People (in democratic Societies), which is enough to have Mr. Friedman's Theory genetically and justificatively slipping Awa. A Modification or reconstruction of that failing Theory would not be an easy Job. Inductively a lot of Checks and Spot Checks need to be done, to make such a Version Viable. A universalization or Generalization based on some Laws, some Contexts or some Opinions is scientifically far beyond reaching.

Ahmad Hussein Annan


VOA TV 14.02.2010

Rea Carey (Executive Director of the America Gay and lesbian Task Force-  - ) calls upon US President Obama to stand by US Gays and Lesbians.  Appealingly Rea says: Obama! You have a historic Opportunity to push human rights forward, Create Changes and make Gay Society a real American one. Doing so; GAYS & LESBIAN CEO Rea jumps over the whole national security Threats, and oversees the striking economic and natural disasters to focus chiefly on legalization of counter Nature Gays and Lesbian splits. Why Not? Populism is not about Naturalization of Society. Democratic Populism is about exploiting the thickness of the Society. Historically; Democrats exploited Slavery and made political Use of retardates in winning Elections. Today's Democrats have been doing better than their predecessors. They move closer to Liberalism and Republicanism, but remain a big Hope for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexual and other adventurous Patients, such as Dictators, addicted druggists, international children/whores Merchants and modern Barbarians. On the other Hand; Moderates across the World hope that the self declared Bipartisan President (B.Obama) operates on behalf of international social and humane Health. Mentioned unnatural Movements represent a real Threat to natural Life World Wide, and have been perceived as a social Tumor, but seeking Legitimacy by local and international political Bodies.

BY Ahmad Hussein Annan


VOA TV 06.03.2010

Global Internet Freedom Senate judiciary Subcommittee discussed some Ways to promote internet Freedom around the world.

Omid MEMARIAN (an Iranian Freelance Journalist, Blogger and Columnist) told his Testimony about the Prisons and persecution he faced because of free Expression.

Sen.Ted Kaufman (D-Delaware) proposed some Recipes to deal with dictatorial and censoring Governments?

Sen.Dick Durbin (D-Illinois, Judiciary Subcommittee on Human Rights & the Law - Chairman) welcomed the Iranian witness who demanded protection and help to secure the Use of Internet on behalf of human rights. He mentioned companies that sell censorship and surveillance technology to Iran, Syria and others.

Nicole Wong (Google-deputy General Counsel & vice president) blamed censoring Countries and Rulers, who effect internet and Trade badly. We will make sure that censor technology will not be at the disposition of those who abuse Rights. She proposed a universal Agreement to avoid companies becoming Wedged or standing in a Dispute with local and international Law.

Durbin asked: what would make companies stop deals with dictatorial governments? Rebecca MacKinnon (Princeton Univ.-Info. Technology Policy Center visiting Fellow): they must understand that human Rights are an important part of their Business. Cyber Attacks and the use of law to consider expression as a crime must be widely condemned. She added: Google and Yahoo launched the global network initiative to make things better. Companies should take global Rights concern into consideration. People in Countries like Iran, Syria and North Korea should be provided with good Tools to defend themselves, from judiciary support to protective Software in order to promote the Goal of internet Freedom.

Daniel Weitzner (National telecom administration policy analysis associate administrator): we have to work for both: the sake of global rights and the sake of American innovation and development.

The Iranian Witness added: Iran has signed an agreement with yahoo allowing the regime to get access to the encrypted privacies of Yahoo Users. At the End, and despite Sen.Dick Durbin (D-Illinois, Judiciary Subcommittee on Human Rights & the Law - Chairman) repeated Thanks to the inspiring Testimony brought by Omid, House and Senate Democrats fired some very attracting Analysis, but no clearly feasible actions. As far as I am informed, Yahoo is still providing Privacy Access to illegitimate States around the world. So the GNA didn't work yet. Yahoo Managers have been heard several Times by relevant Congress Committees because of Harm being done by Yahoo to human rights in China, Iran and else where. Illegitimate Governments don't get the technology from the USA, but from American Allies in Europe. So what need to be done is: to curb European partners from doing that dirty Business with their illegitimate Proxies.

Ahmad Hussein Annan